About Laura

A little about me…

I have lived in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Southwest Colorado for 24 years; where I was introduce to Native American spirituality, shamanism, and have embraced it’s teachings, as I learned more about my own Ancestry.  Five years ago we moved our family and our ranch to Southern Oregon and were creating a new vibrant life in the Pacific Northwest, settling down in the Illinois Valley area and creating an Organic homestead and life style. In 2015 the Universe had different plans, many endings and dissolving of what once was.  As things unfolded, we found ourselves selling our ranch in 2016, down sizing and hitting the road.  In November of that year we started our life on the road and have been a full time RVing family ever since.  For me it is more than just minimalism, it’s a journey of unbecoming everything that isn’t really me and truly letting go of what doesn’t serve me, so I can be who I was always meant to be, beyond the titles and labels.

I live a Magickal Goddess life, having walked the path of a Priestess for 20+ years; following the rhythms and cycles of the Moon and our Mother Earth, still learning along the way.  I call it my Goddess life because it’s guided by my Divine Feminine, it’s my own unique journey home, which is so diverse and eclectic, that no other label quite fits! I honor the sage Goddess in me through my art, creations and healing gifts. You may find me taking nature hikes, photographing and connecting with nature along the way, or taking Spirit Walks, meditative walks where I am open to receiving signs from Spirit in the form of messages from the animal kingdom or from my elemental guides.  I feed my soul through creating, painting, singing, dancing and doing Yoga. I do lots of barefoot breathing and connecting with Mother Earth, as well as using her precious plant allies in the forms of herbs and blending essential oil synergies. I teach about essential oils to whomever is interested in learning about our plant allies.  I visit with my Angels and Spirit Guides often, creating sacred space, lighting candles and smudging with sage.  I love working with crystals, oracle cards and essential oils.  I have a particular affinity with Faeries, Mermaids, Lotus Blossoms and the Moon.  I take Moonlight walks and love to sit under a full Moon and work with it’s ebb and flow to release and manifest.

Which brings me to why I have chosen Moonlight Living as the name of my business…to me the Moonlight offers much healing energy, as women we cycle monthly and in our life times, with the Moon phases.  It has influenced our lives in so many ways since ancient times.  I feel it’s energy supports my passion to empower, inspire and support others on their healing journeys.  It’s also been my time of day when I don’t have to be or do anything but be and do what I like. I work on the road, while roadschooling my little one, life keeps my days wonderfully full.  So to reconnect with my inner knowing, I look forward to the Moonlight, visits from my Muse, journey work and time to create, heal and expand.

GypsyI’m a wild earth practitioner on my own journey…in the words of Alberto Villaldo, Ph.D…“turning wounds into sources of power and compassion by letting go of the concept of suffering, and focusing on the beauty to be found in all that surrounds us.”   

I’m a wild soul who’s had my share of dark nights of the soul, leaving me questioning who I am and where I’m going.  These are my journeys both on the road and within as the Moonlight leads me on my path to my true north.


Come journey with me as I share about creating Sacred Practices and my own healing journey.  My creative ventures and of course, I’ll also be sharing life on the road with Luna Bella and the rest of the family, which will include Roadschooling and Boondocking now that we have chosen to live on the road full-time.