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You can purchase the oils Retail by visiting my Website and clicking on SHOP at the top of the page.


The best and most affordable way for you to get started with the oils is to take advantage of the deep savings you get on various bundles of oils called Enrollment Kits by enrolling as a Wholesale Customer.

Click HERE to learn the easy steps on how to set up a Wholesale account.

These Enrollment Kits are grouped in various price point to fit your budget, they are deeply discounted to help you get started.  Here’s the advantages of starting out with an Enrollment Kit:

~They are grouped in a way that will help you get started with the foundational oils you will need to start managing living a clean life style, clean from chemicals and synthetic scents.
~These groups are priced BELOW wholesale, then if you were to purchase the oils separately.
~They include a FREE wholesale membership account, offering you 25% off retail oil prices.

Almost all the kits include a diffuser, which is a must, as not only helps your home smell amazing with out the toxins found in scented candles and plug-ins, but it’s also a wonderful way to purify and clean the air in your home during seasonal threats.

Want to save even more…

Check out the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

Each kit has an extra savings percentage (Loyalty Point accrual) to get you started with saving even more on your future purchases.  The Loyalty Rewards Program is like cash back on your shopping, the more you shop, the more you save.  It pays you in free oils, free shipping, free products and discounts, ultimately saving you money

You are more than welcome to purchase oils separately, either through retail shopping or paying your membership fee for a wholesale account and purchasing oils individually.  But to get you started dōTERRA has set it up so you can start out smart and get the best value for your money.

Choosing which Enrollment Kit to purchase is a big decision…

Like I said there is a kit for everyone’s needs, whether you want it all, you want to take advantage of the business side of dōTERRA or if you have a smaller budget and want to start with the foundational oils.  I would love to answer any questions to help you decide which is best for your needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Here are a few of the most popular kits…

You can check out more information on all available Enrollment Kits HERE.

The Natural Solutions Kit ~ Your Investment: $570. This is the perfect kit to promote a natural healthy life style.  It’s also an optimal kit for those considering doTERRA as a business.

It includes 12 of the most popular Single oils and blends.  A range of products for your home and personal care needs. You will also receive a diffuser, a 30 day supply of the Lifelong Vitality Supplements, and the On Guard line to help get started with living clean, free of toxins and chemicals.

Your Savings: $250.


Healthy Home Kit ~Your Investment: $350. This kit is great for simply exploring the oil plus detox your home.

This is a basic kit with the top 10 single oils and blends in 15ml bottles with the exception of Deep Blue® which is 5ml.  These are the oils that everyone needs to get started.  This kit also includes the basic Onguard collection, shampoo and conditioner and a Brevi diffuser.

Your Savings: $90.


Healthy Start Kit~

Your Investment: $160.  This kit contains the top 10 oils in a 5ml size and a diffuser.

Your Savings: $25.


Healthy Habits Kit ~ $195. This kit includes the top 10 oils in 5ml size bottles, and OnGuard and  Peppermint Beadlets.  This kit in my opinion is best for personal use and when traveling due to the bottle sizes.

Your Savings: $70.


When you start with a kit, I will offer you…

~ My support every step of the way

~A personal Lifestyle Overview, in which we will design a 90 day plan on how you can move through your wellness goals

~Access to our team’s Facebook VIP customer support group

~Signed up for our team’s newsletter, allowing you access to all previous calls and webinars to help you on your wellness journey, as well as your business journey if you so choose so

Click HERE to learn the easy steps on how to set up a Wholesale account.

Benefits of a Wholesale membership:

~25% off retail

~Free product upon membership renewal

~Earn up to 30% back in Product Credit on monthly orders

~Earn your shipping cost back with Product Credits

~Highest quality Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils available

~Product education and resources, both through doTERRA and our team

~Free Product of the Month Club and other special offers

Join today and save!

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