Our favorite Oregon Coast RV Parks…

I love the Oregon coast, when I was a single mom the kids and I would spend our summer vacations here.  We’d drive up from Colorado and explore the coast and all it’s treasures.  When we moved up here permanently 5 years ago, we couldn’t find affordable property for our Ranch along the coast.  At the time we owned an Alpaca Ranch and moved it right along with us to Oregon.  So we ended up inland…in Cave Junction.

Now that we’ve hit the road fulltime…

we get to explore many beautiful places during our summer breaks, but the Oregon coast is dear to me.  Growing up near the Jersey shore, the ocean and beach has always felt like home to me.  It’s where I spent hours exploring growing up and where I go now to feed my soul.

Only thing is finding affordable sites here has been a struggle.  When we first started we enjoyed our extended stay at Turtle Rock as they were one of the few to offered incredible savings through Passport America.  With new owners they did away with it.  Oceanside RV Park in Gold Beach is a quaint park right by the beach at North Jetty, reasonable pricing, but aren’t taking any extend stays.  Brookings RV Park, small but quaint across from Harris Beach State Park, has recently raised their prices as well, they to aren’t accepting extended stays.  Indian Creek RV Park is pricey but a nice park up along the Rogue River.  But we haven’t stayed there since we upgraded to Luna Bella.  Of course Harris Beach State Park is also a great park, spacious, right of the beach and reasonable.

We recently found a dry camping, campground Huntly Park, we plan on staying there when we come back from our current journey.  I’ll report back about this park when I know more.  Though boondocking in the winter with all the rain on the coast will be challenging as we aren’t set up to run the dehumidifier and any fulltimer knows how important it is to run it.  But it will only be for a week and I’m putting in an order for mild weather that week 🙂

All these parks only allow for 2 week stays, so we just bounce around until the winter hits and then we head south for a few months.  We are so blessed that our school understands our situation. Then it’s back up here til school ends when we hit the road to explore more of the US during summer break.

Over the weekend our truck broke down…

Our power steering fluid line was leaking bad.  We are currently working our way north to attend School Open House.  It’s actually pretty cool to be able to attend this way rather than having to get a hotel, we get to explore and go on yet another adventure!  But back to our truck…we arrived at South Jetty, Florence, Thousand Trails on Sunday.  This isn’t one of my favorite campgrounds, simply because it’s older, well, in our experience most of the TTs are run down and old. But this one in particular has given us challenges.  We’ve stayed here 5 times 3 of which were just over nighters.  We’ve had electrical issues with their electrical posts twice.  And being a 40′, 41′ if we have our bike rack down, they have limited places for us.  Well, most parks do, that’s another struggle we come across when trying to find good site on the coast. South Jetty is the first park we can use our memberships in.  It’s both Resort Parks International (RPI) and Thousand Trails (TT).  We are no longer members of TT but we do use it through RPI.

Anyway, the host was great, gave us a “drive through” site which made it easy to get in.  They also recommended Brian’s Automotive, to repair our truck.  Needless to say, when you are new to a town you’re grateful to have good recommendations for things.  They have been in business for like 31yrs, they were fast, efficient and reasonable pricing.  So if you are ever in the area and need auto work…this is where to go.  South Jetty was also very accommodating in allowing us to extend for 2 more night as we waited for the shop to open on Monday and the part to arrive on Tuesday.  Once complete we were back in business and off again.

Today we are in Neskowin Creek RV park, it’s both an RPI and Coast to Coast (C2C), it’s another coastal town park we enjoy staying at.  It’s bunnyville around here, no, I’m not kidding!  They have bunnies of all colors and size hanging out all around us.  My little loves them, and they seem friendly though we aren’t suppose to feed with them, but they look like they are used to having people around.  Kaia, on the other hand, well, she wants to chase them but for the most part she listens when we tell her to leave them alone.  We just have to make sure we are bunny clear…before walking her out the door.

We won’t be heading up north much further this time around, just inland to Cascade Meadows, C2C for a week before heading back to the coast. 

But a couple more favorite coastal parks are:

Paradise Cove Resort, in Rockaway Beach, where we actually stay for FREE with our C2C membership.  It’s two tears, one by the cove the other higher up.  We like the one higher up cos’ it’s roomier.

The other is Seaside Resort, this one is an RPI and a TT.  It’s located just across the street from the beach and there’s a boardwalk along the coast with lots of fun shops. It’s also the end of the Lewis & Clark trail…we love visiting historical sites he learns about in school, make learning fun!

There’s lots to see and do on the Oregon Coast but my faves have been, well, other than the Beaches of course…

Visiting the Light Houses, Whale watching in Depot Bay, the Sand Dunes in Florence, Historic landmarks, hiking the Oregon Coastal Trail and finding hidden beaches!  A few of our must sees…Ghost Forest (it’s on the beach), Secret Beach, Devil’s Punchbowl.

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