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Russian River/Lost Hills RV Parks~ Happy Holidays!

We spent the last week out in Russian River RV which is a Thousand Trails park.  The river is gorgeous, I bet summer here’s are great.  We were welcomed at the Ranger post by a very nice man, gave us the low down which included that they have a mountain lion and her cub that tend to roam the park!  We didn’t come across her thank goodness, but due to it being off season the park was pretty quite.  We got to pick our own site, it’s a very interesting park, there are tiers or levels of sites, some pull thru some larger than others.  Several rest rooms buildings throughout the park, with a washer and dryer in each as well as two showers one for handicap.  Though rustic, it was very well kept.  We enjoyed short hikes and being out of the rain after last month on the coast with very little sun.

We also spent our Yule there, as with every year we crated our Yule Ornament for the tree. Only this year they had to be scaled down as our tree is only 2ft tall 😉  Our stockings this year are little Holiday characters. Which we hung over the pullout.  We found the perfect piece of wood for our Yule log, while beach combing in Harris Beach last month, which we’ve been lighting a candle on each Sunday leading up to Yule.  We did our release ceremony as we do each year and though we couldn’t have our Yule fire, we burned them in my offering bowl.

This morning we headed down south, with a pit stop at Lost Hills RV park.  We’re in the middle of nowhere, lots of beautiful rolling hills, orchards and cow, but not much in the way of towns.  It’s just an overnight stop on our way to Desert Pools.  We arrived around 3pm, but no one was in the office just a note stating to register through the “night box”.  Which was fine and all but apparently they have a code for both their internet and especially their bathrooms/showers.  So though we were looking forward to a long hot shower after the long drive, no one was here to give us the codes.  We even called and left a message but we figured being it’s Christmas Eve…no one would be returning our call with the codes.  None-the-less, it’s a little oasis in the midst of nothingland…and for that we are grateful.


Wishing you all a safe, warm and Happy Holidays, from our family to yours…