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2017 Eclipse and Florence Oregon…

As we work our way back to our home park in Gold Beach, we stayed in Florence for a week where we got to see the Great American Eclipse.  This was pretty cool, I’ve seen a few partial solar eclipses in my lifetime, much through box holes as we were taught back in school.  Once in medical school we looked at one through an xray!  But I never really saw a full one…though this one wasn’t in totality we did see it at 97%…it was like off kilter never got that full ring.  Non the less we had fun experiencing it.  Here’s some more pics…

Florence is where I first came across Faerie Berries…ground cherries I think they are called.  So of course I headed straight to the docks and found the Farm Stand that’s there every summer and brought some yummy Faerie Berries.  To me they have a unique sweet tropical flavor sorta like pineapple, they have a little husk around them as well, and they are fun to snack on.  When we owned the Alpaca Ranch we had a huge harvest our last summer there.

Doug also tried his hand at Ocean Fishing…Dad used to ocean fish back east when I was young.  He’d not only go out on boats with his friends but fish right off the jetty.  We would eat flounder, crabs and other gifts from the sea.  Doug’s been catching sea Perch, and we’ve been enjoying fish tacos!

South Jetty RV Park where we stayed in Florence is in the trees, and due to the Marine layer…it makes it for very gloomy days…ugh.  But we made the best of it and headed to the beach as much as we could.  We don’t feel we had much of a summer this year…not like we used to get in Cave Junction where the temps would be in the 100+.  Not that I enjoy that kind of heat but I would of enjoyed temps over 60’s and 70’s.  I’m hoping for a dryer winter this year.  Last year the rains were way crazy.

Oh and the sands here at the dunes are sooo fine and white…I love how different the sands are at each of the beaches on the Oregon coast.  And I like using it on the bottom of my offering bowls…it helps defuse the heat as I burn my sacred herbs.  This is black sand from Whaleshed, beach near Brookings.

Well, heading to our home park in Gold Beach and looking forward to settling down for a few months.