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2018 in Review…

This year has been pretty transformational for me on many levels.  When I stepped into 2018, I had no idea that I’d be stepping into so much newness.  We were 2 months into our 2nd year on the road, my journey without took us southeast to California and Arizona.  As we explored new RV parks and new lands.   By early Spring we decided to add Solar to our rig to allow us more freedom and helps us with our living expenses.

Summer was packed with…

excitement driving further east and adding 3 new states to our traveling map.  Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, and learning all the ins and outs of dry camping in RV parks and boondocking in the middle of no where. As well as, visiting Yellowstone for the first time and having one of our family members take residence there.  What was only to be his summer job has extended into Spring 2019, he’s pretty much flown the nest.  

Our Fall was spent dry camping in Gold Beach (our home base)…which brings us to today.  We are back down in Southern Cali spending our Holidays here as we work our way out to Arizona and spend the winter boondocking down south.  I’ve come to love boondocking it’s been an adjustment. We still need to budget in more solar energy.  But for now it’s enough and being in the middle of nowhere in some amazing places has been so nurturing to my soul.  We’ve also joined a Fulltime Family group and are looking forward to connecting with more boondocking families out on the road in the coming months.

My Journey within… 

 has been the most transformational lending to mental and physical wellbeing.  As I stepped into 2018 all the emotional dis-ease I had walked through, especially the 2 years prior, caught up with me.  It had been showing up as physical dis-ease…from handfuls of hair loss, to physical ailments, increased anxiety…basically I was falling apart.  It had been 26

months since my dark night of the soul…during which time I struggled to find myself again.  I started the year doing my yearly rituals finding my Symbol~The Compass, My Word~Expansive, Core Desired Feelings and Animal Spirit~Bear for the year.  Each of which continued to unfold and inviting me to step into throughout this year.  Compasses were everywhere and Expansive was something I kept finding myself becoming in various ways.

My annual exam revealed more scary labels I didn’t want to take on…but I knew they were there due to my emotional dis-ease.  The meds I was given only caused more physical stress as my body reacted to them.  So, I went on my own physical healing journey looking for natural solutions…only for my research to bring me full circle back to essential Oils and essential supplements.  

Upgrading my gut flora and brain through the support of hight level supplements and essential oils made a huge difference in my every day life. Once I fully committed to a consistent wellness plan, I stared having some amazing health results.  All of which I shared in my Facebook Group.

In my Holistic Life coach training…

I learned how to approach healing by addressing the care of the whole person, the Mind, Body and Soul.  I personally see it as an art of Alchemy, by transforming Energies, Vibrations, Emotions and Consciousness from one form to another.  The supplements and oils addressed the body…which in all honesty up til then I had never fully commit to stepping into what it takes to nurturing my body. Yes, I incorporated movement and “thought” I was making healthy diet choices. It wasn’t until I really explored the supplements needed to support our gut and brain, that I got it.

My first step was to do my first ever cleanse…guided by the docs on my dōTERRA team.  As I reset my gut and support my body back to attaining homeostasis, and kept it there, it allowed for an opening.  Up til then emotionally I was a wreck…sometimes life’s challenges can be places we get stuck

But as I continued to support my body in healing itself I saw some profound transformations.  I still struggle emotionally, that’s why I continue this healing journey and using various tools like, art, journaling, essential oils and supplements to name a few. But the struggle is different now…I don’t feel stuck, I feel an opening.  I’m much more present to my body, thoughts, feelings.  And I’m learning how to navigate the world differently.

And as a Wounded Healer…

I am learning how to heal myself and the world…or at least those who are ready to step into a different vibration.  I heard this calling of nurturing our Mind, Body and Soul over 5 years ago.  Since then I collected many tools to help me move through each pillar, as I call them, in living the vibrant life we all deserve.

The Emotional ~ the Mind, our desires, commitment and willpower.

The Physical ~ the Body, our Sacred Temple, nurturing it through proper nutrition and movement.

The Spiritual ~ the Soul, connecting to our Higher-self, Divinity (in whatever form it speaks to you) and choosing Love.

Though I still have much healing to do…well, lets be honest here…we are all on some kind of healing journey.  We all have come here with a purpose, be it our own personal journey or of being called to walk the steps of the wounded healer and share our journeys to help others.  I heard that call…and I’m being asked to up-level.

I’m not sure how it will continue to unfold…

But what I do know by personal experience, is that embracing my light and allowing it to shine, shifts how I see the world, how I walk in it, who and what I attract into my life and encourages others to shine their light.  Being in my power and walking in beauty, welcomes others to step into their power and when we all walk in beauty, we continue to shine the way for others to follow…together we can heal this beautiful planet.  

For now I’m allowing…simply allowing the Universe to show me the way.  I know I walk to the beat of a different drum…and I know there’s very little I can’t do if I find a way to do it in my own style. There’s no need to compare myself to others way of sharing, cos’ we are all different. I know what ever unfolds will be of service in some way to someone.  I just keep remaining open allowing for what ever needs to come through and be shared to flow organically.

I look forward to 2019…I am open…I am ready! Already I’ve been getting some amazing messages from the Universe for the coming year.

Are you ready for 2019?