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Sacred Space ~ Sacred Practice Series

Today, I will share a practice that is at the top of my sacred practices and something I’ve done for many years in many forms.

Sacred Space…

What is Sacred Space…it’s wherever the physical and energetic meet…where the Body, Mind and Soul become one and balanced with Grace and Ease. This Sacred Space then becomes a safe haven, a place where we can explore ourselves with deeper self discovery practices. Where we can connect to Divinity and embrace our “inner sparkle”, as I like to call it.

Why Create Sacred Space…

It’s something I’ve been doing for years, it’s a way to invite in the Sacred, to shift from the mundane to the magickal.  It’s where I sit in silence and listen or to move, dance and create.  I create Sacred Space when I pray, meditate, do my creative art, journaling, yoga or to connect with my higher-self.  When I’m seeking my own inner wisdom and guidance, especially when I feel lost, fearful, confused and in need of answers and clarity.  Just spending 10 mins a day in Sacred Space, especially upon awakening each morning, can make a huge difference in how I move through and show up the rest of the day.

Creating Sacred Space

It’s not hard and there a many ways of approaching it, lots of books and articles on this subject.  What I fine most amazing…is Sacred Space can be anywhere…an altar in your home, a bench in your garden or a place somewhere in nature, or even the space between your breaths.  Because our soul resides in our body…and so, our body is Sacred Space too.  It’s all about the intention, there is no right or wrong way to be in Sacred Space.

We traded our Ranch for a 5th Wheel and have been on the road since November 2016.  At our ranch home I had the large altar in the picture above in my yoga studio and a few other altars around the home.  Here in Luna Bella, space is limited so my Sacred Space for me these past months has been both a small altar on my dresser and quite places out in nature on the many lands we travel through.  On my dresser I have tools that I use like candles, moon water, smudging herbs, crystals, and such.  My altar is organic, as I reorient it to the directions every time we settle down in a new place.  Out in nature…it’s the natural elements that I have on hand.  I often create random acts of kindness Mandalas in the places where I sit in nature as a thank you for it’s healing energies.

*Update:  My little mandalas have expanded to larger Earth Mandalas and have spread to all over the Northwest and Southwest.  I’m loving the paractice and plan to continue.  Some are more permenant than others so if you come across any, please share.  You can use tag #WildCreativeMagick

I share a creative approach and take you through a journey within of your own, in my Creating and Maintaining Sacred Space eCourse. You can explore what Sacred Space means to you and useful ways to infuse your personal space with your own essence.  You will explore who to create a magickal Sacred Space anywhere, for journaling, meditation, prayer, arting, doing yoga or any other creative outlet that makes you sparkle. I am now offering it as a self-paced eCourse.

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