Daily Archives: May 11, 2019

Not Any Network Company…

I was raised with an understanding of alternative healing.  Being from South America Curanderas (healers) were part of my family lineage.  Although I ended up in the traditional western medical profession as a young adult, I continued to turn to natural herbal remedies first.  I’m a highly sensitive person, not just emotionally but I found my body was just as sensitive and didn’t respond well to medications.  So when I came across Essential Oils and learned how much more potent they were then the dried herbs I was intrigued. I started using them along with my herbs and tinctures and found myself always on the search for the highest quality Essential Oils.  Though I tried various brands, it wasn’t until I found doTERRA that I found a company I could trust.

When I chose dōTERRA, it was out of the necessity of needing the highest quality, and most potent Essential oils I could find to support my families and my healthcare needs.  This was after years of searching, I’ve only been with dōTERRA 2012, but I have been using essential oils for over 25.