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Bend Oregon

This is the first time in the many times we’ve been through here that we’ve boondocked. Our first site was pretty amazing with a few juniper trees and trails nestled in the Oregon Badlands. Not too many spots by the tress where we could fit Luna Bella (our 41′ 5er) but there is a wide open area by the piles of tailings. Unfortunately, though soon after we arrived we noticed the internet was cutting in and out and not dependable at all. But if internet isn’t mandatory for you…it’s a beautiful spot.

Name: Badlands Rock

Coordinates: 43.94351577758789,-121.02570343017578

Our current set up is AT&T hotspots on our phones and a Verizon hotspot, with MiFi booster. We also have Wilson car booster. Usually one of these will provide us with the internet access needed for work and school. But not at this place. So after a few days we moved on.

Our next site brought us into Sisters, Oregon. A sweet little town on the west side of Bend. This site is deep within the forest of pine trees and junipers. Lots of trails which are frequented by horses, as we occasionally see evidence on the ground. As well as, lots of sites scattered throughout. Definitely large enough for Luna Bella, without feeling like we’re all on top of one another.

Name: Harrington Loop Rd.

Coordinates: 44.25055694580078,-121.49673461914062

That is one of the beauties of boondocking vs campgrounds…the freedom of being surrounded by nature all around. We’ve hit our year of Boondocking and all I have to say is…Wow. What an amazing feeling of freedom to be completely self sustained and be able to spend two weeks in the wilderness without having to move. It’s taken us a full year on a tight budget to become self sustained. I’ll be sharing how we do it and some lessons we’ve learned along the way in an up coming post.

While here we went to our School Spring Celebration to hang out with classmates and teachers. They did a father and son climb amongst other fun activities. On our way home we scouted out a few more Covered Bridges to add to my collection. Seeing all of the Covered Bridges of Oregon is on my Bucket List!

Now…we are kicking off the summer and heading up north and east to South Dakota. But first stop is in Yellowstone, one of our favorite National Parks.