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New Moon in Sagittarius Invitation…

On this November New Moon in Fiery Sagittarius, we are invited to embrace Joy, in turn offering us resilience, connection, and Soul-strengthening. This New Moon carries us til Dec 25 through Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice in So. Hemisphere). A time when we celebrate the light in many cultures.

It’s a season that invites us…

to go within, yet, the Holidays invites lots of socializing, time spent with family, coworkers, etc. So I feel our theme this New Moon is a perfect reminder to stop and listen. Listen to our bodies, our thoughts, a time when self-care is mostly needed.

Our new Moon theme is “Dawn of Joy”…

as inspired by our Wild Woman Project leader. I’ve learned that Joy comes from within, it’s what feeds your soul, makes you Sparkle!  Cultivating joy has been a journey home to myself, exploring my shadow, fears, my stories and rising above them. Discovering what makes me happy and inviting more of it.  I practice staying in a place of gratitude in spite of the challenges.  And using my creative practices to come up with creative solutions when I find I’m stuck.

It’s not easy, trust me, I struggle with it all too. But staying in a place of joy, inviting laughter and being in a state of gratitude allows for energy to flow, opens up our hearts and creates spaciousness. Within this spaciousness, we can hear the guidance of our soul.

My creative practice is a way of creating spaciousness because, well, it brings me joy. It also helps me feel my feels and allows my emotions to process through me. Essential oils also create spaciousness…by supporting me both physically and emotionally.

How do you invite Joy into your life?

The oils that called to me to support us during this New Moon Cycle are:

Ylang Ylang~ Inner Child.  What best way to connect to what brings us joy than connecting to your inner child and our heart. Buy Ylang Ylang.

Basil ~ Renewal.  Strengthens our hearts, bring hope and optimism to our tired soul. Buy Basil.

Neroli ~ Shared purpose & partnership.  This is a heart oil, supporting all matters of the heart.  It’s one of my top healing oils, promoting feelings of empowerment and resilience.  Buy Neroli.

Journaling Exercise…

I invite you to make some time during this New Moon cycle, create sacred space and explore for following questions…

  • How can you cultivate joy in your life?
  • Think back to when you were a child, what brought you joy?
  • How can you invite more gratitude in your life?


Then I invite you to take action to create more joy. Choose something that you can do daily or weekly. Some examples are…

  • Make time for a sacred creative practice.
  • Look at the list you created of what brought you joy as a child and do one or two or more of them.
  • Try writing, thinking or like I do, taking a picture of something that you are grateful for every day.

Most importantly, have fun, laugh, smile.

Intention setting…

Mandalas are wonderful and powerful for inner focus, perfect for New Moon intention setting. Each New Moon I create Mandalas, inspired by their theme, for this purpose. I leave space in the center for you to write your intention. Here’s this New Moon in Sagittarius Mandala inspired by “Dawn of Joy”.