Monthly Archives: February 2020

New Moon in Pisces Blend

Pisces New Moon invites us to tap into it’s creative and imaginative energy as we move through this lunar cycle.  Pisces known as the dreamer and healer, ruled by Neptune, universal love and illusions. It’s the last sign of the Zodiac beginning its cycle the end of February and ending as winter ends in March.

Our Wild Woman Project community is exploring “Rivers of Reverence” this cycle.  Rivers represent one of the four basic elements needed in life, Water. If we imagine ourselves as water, like a river we learn to go with the flow of life even over rocks and other obstacles. Reverence invokes awe, wonderment and goes hand in hand with gratitude.  The idea of Rivers of Reverence invites us to align with life and it’s ever-changing flow. While allowing ourselves to be inspired and awed by life.  Being in a state of Reverence helps us get through the hard stuff in life.  Helping us see the beauty amidst the ugliness in the world.

We all have our fears to move through, whether it’s moving through life with anxiety, seeing the injustice around us and in our government, or feeling the pain our Mother Earth is suffering. Aligning with life’s ebbs and flows and being able to see life through the eyes of a child taking in the awe of a sunset, a baby, the stars on a moonless sky…helps us move through the hard stuff.

The oils that called to me this New Moon Cycle…

Cypress ~ Motion & Flow. Supports us in trusting the flow of life. Creating energetic and emotional flow.

Ylang Ylang ~ Inner Child. Connecting us to our hearts and our inner child. Encouraging play, joy and inviting a childlike innocence.

Spikenard ~ Gratitude. It encourages an appreciation for all of life. As well as encouraging the soul to surrender and accept life for what it is. Teaching us to be grateful for our challenges as much as our blessings.

Find out more about the Essential Oils I use and how to get yours.

Journaling questions…

This New Moon find ways to balance the difficult stuff with something beautiful. Remember we can not control life, all we can control is how we react to it.

How can you have direct experience with Reverence?

Connect with water…meditate or journey to get to know this element.

What messages does it have for you?

Contemplate where the water that nurtures you comes from?

Connect with the manifesting energy of the New Moon.

Tapping into your creativity and imagination, what are you dreaming into being for yourself and the collective this New Moon cycle?

This month we are exploring “Aligning with Life” in our virtual women’s circle. If you’d like to explore, journal and create with like-minded souls come join us.