Moon Blends

New Moon in Gemini…

As this New Moon cycle begins we are giving an opportunity to dream our “New Norm” into being…

Our current Moon Cycle

was initiated with the New Moon in Gemini on May 22nd- June 19th, 2020,  it’s Element is Air.

As part of our Rituals of Rewilding Series, through Wild Woman Project, our theme is “Music of the Howls”. Inviting us not only to practice deep listening but to open our own voices. Reminding us that every one of us has something to contribute to the music of life.

The oils that called to me this New Moon Cycle….

Cedarwood ~ Community ~ Brings people together to express the strengths and values of community. Reminding us that we are not alone, life is a shared experience.

Marjoram ~ Connection ~ Teaches that trust is the basis for all relationships. It kindles the fire of trust in relationships.

Pink Pepper  ~ Intrinsic Equality ~ Reminds us that by being patient, kind, and loving to one’s self, we can learn to extend that same mercy to those around us.

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Will you be joining us…

in Circle on Saturday? If you feel called to, you can learn more HERE.

Journal questions…

What does skillful communication mean to you?  

What does it look like to disagree and to love simultaneously, loving our community, family, friends even though we disagree?

How can you invite full-body listening as well as full-body presence so as to express your own voice?