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Catalina Spa and RV Resort…

Happy New Year!!!  We are escaping the rain…we are down south for the harshest part of the Winter…well, in our case wettest part of Winter.  Last year it rained so much on the Oregon Coast that it was way to crazy to bear in our small travel trailer, not to mention how cold it was.  This year of course with Luna Bella we have much more room (still amazed at how much it feels like we live in a small apartment vs a rig ), that it is much more pleasant to be stuck inside.  But, still the cold, damp wetness wrecks havoc on my Fibromyalgia, so I look forward to going south for the Winters.

We found our way to a new resort in Palm Springs, where we spent our Holidays this year.  It’s under new management and they have done a spectacular job on this place.  The new pool and hot tub area are amazing…from lighting to space.  The older pool area is as big and nice.  They did a lot of landscaping and offer a ton of activities for all ages.  By far this is one of the best resorts we’ve encountered, my only suggestion was that they needed to offer more fun kid activities.  But all in all we did enjoy our stay.


Our daughter and her bo came to visit, it’s always great to check in and see her.  She’s doing so well in her new position as an Escrow Officer.  They are moving to anew apartment and overall doing great.






We had our traditional Ornament making night…this year we glittered balls!  Super easy and so much fun!  Floor polish, plastic ornaments and GLITTER!  I love glitter!




We decorated with lights and ribbons and it made for a cosy fun Holiday Season. We plan on being out here for a couple more months before heading back for our state testings and end of school fun…then planning our Summer trip.  Our current trip will be taking us into Arizona…Lake Havasu is next!