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Learning about Essential Oils and their uses may feel overwhelming but it does not have to be. Here, I explain the basics, what they are, how long they’ve been around and a few simple guidelines about them.

First off, we can all agree that there are many things off in our Healthcare system…most importantly the variety of side-effects listed for the drugs that are suppose to cure us, that alone is scary.  But what about how we are given drugs for the side-effects of the drugs we are currently taking, THAT is crazy, I know you know what I mean.

So how do Essential Oils fit in…what are they and why do we want to use them.


What are Essential Oils?

I like to refer to them as the life blood of plants, as they are the essence (life force) of our Mother Earth’s medicinal plants.

Simply put Essential Oils are the pure aromatic extracts of certain species of flowers, trees, and grasses.

The oils are extracted from different parts of these plants, such as seeds, roots, stems, bark, leaves, flowers and fruits. Their costs vary due to the cost of producing pure essential oils. For some it takes several hundred, other several thousand, pounds of plant material to produce a small amount of pure essential oil. That said, no matter how costly it may be, there is no substitution to their benefits. Though chemists can replicate some of the known chemical constituents within them, they have not been successful in recreating the Essential oils themselves.


How long have Essential Oils been around?

Essential oils have been around for centuries. They were mankind’s first medicinals. From Egypt to China there have been priests and physicians who have used oils that came from aromatic plants for thousands of years. Myrrh and Frankincense were gifted to Jesus at his birth and often referred to in the Bible.  There are over 600 references to Essential Oils or aromatic plants in the Bible alone. There have been jars of alabaster with well preserved oils found in King Tut’s tomb. The Egyptians are most credited for being the first to use Essential Oils but there is history of Essential Oils used in Greece, Rome, Israel, Arabia, and Europe from medicinals to aromatics.


 Why do we want to use them…

Because they provide us with the perfect environment for emotional and physical wellness. They do not do the work for us…instead they assist us on our journey by supporting our mind, body and spirit.


How to use them… 

Aromatically ~ as in aromatherapy, diffusing is the easiest and it can be through a mist diffuser, vaporizer, or simply direct inhalation.  As some essential oils can be soothing and calming and others stimulating allowing you to set the mood.  Diffusing also helps purify the air of unwanted odors or germs.

Topically ~ through massage, perfumes and baths…the bottom of the feet are the second best fastest body area to absorb oils because there are larger pores there. Other quick absorption areas are behind the ears and the wrists.

Internally ~ As some Essential Oils have an extensive culinary history, they can be taken internally as dietary supplements. Sublingual (under the tongue) is the most effective, also taken in capsules, beverages, through cooking works very well.


The dōTERRA difference…

With all the variety of Essential Oil providers out there, how do you know who’s oils to buy.

Keep in mind that not all Essential Oils claiming to be pure are therapeutic grade and even those claiming to be therapeutic or organic may still be adulterated or contaminated.  Many are adulterated with synthetics or fillers even though they claim to be 100% pure. If the Essential oils you are using are not pure, then you will not experience the benefits or get consistent results in supporting your body, mind and spirit.  In my experience if someone says that Essential Oils don’t “work”, it’s one of two reasons..the Essential Oils they are using are of poor quality or they aren’t using them consistently, it’s that simple.  I have read and experienced first hand the amazing support of these oils.

So why dōTERRA…lets see where do I begin…I’ve been using Essential oils for over 20 yrs.  I’ve researched many sources for the most purest oils. In 2013 I chose dōTERRA because of:

~Potency~ I know the purest Essential Oils come from plants grown in their indigenous regions. Where they can thrive under the right conditions and not struggle with it’s environment.

dōTERRA networks with experienced farmers in over 40 countries all over the world, who know how to properly grow and source the plants from generational farming.

~Distillation/Testing~ I know that the type and temperature of distillation make a huge difference in the purity of the oils. Most Essential Oil seller do only the minimal required testing.

dōTERRA has a quality protocol in place called CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.®  They have a team of professionals running this protocol so each batch of oils is subjected to extensive and rigorous testing that ensures the purity, potency, and consistency. Their oils go through 3 testing processes, 2 of which are 3rd party testing.  They are tested for metal, mold, pesticides, and herbicides to insure they are 100% pure! This is a much higher standard than Organic.  Learn more at www.doterrascienceblog.com.

~Safe for Consumption~ I know that some plants or it’s fruit is consumable so those Essential Oils should be as well.  But I have come across many Essential Oils, such as Lemon, labeled not for consumption.  Why is this?  Because they are adulterated in some form making them non-consumable.  There are some oils that are not intended to be consumed…knowing the difference is very important.

dōTERRA has in place effective standard of testing methods that provide us with the highest quality Essential Oils. A few can be identified with a supplement label indicating a “GRAS” rating (Generally Recognized as Safe) for internal consumption so we can enjoy those in all 3 ways… Aromatically, Topically and Internally.  How you know which are intended for internal use is by locating the Supplement Label on the bottle, if there isn’t one, it’s not intended for internal use.


So what else makes dōTERRA different…

their Heart, their Integrity and their Service to others.

~Through their various webinars, online sites and at their yearly convention, they teaching us about the uses of the oils.  They are completely transparent in their testings.

~For those interested in creating a business they teach us team building, leadership and how to obtain debt free living.

~Their sourcing empowers farmers in countries around the world so they can provide powerful Essential Oils, as well as uplifting them and their communities, this is called Co-Impact Sourcing.


dōTERRA, more than just an Essential Oil provider…

 They give back to these communities in the form of wells, health clinics, schools, education and so much more including fair wages paid direct to them, no middle man.

~Their Helping Hands Foundation partners with organizations like Operation Underground Railroad Rescue and doTERRA Wellness Advocates to offer hope to millions around the world. Through the efforts of these partnerships, lives are freed of disease and poverty, women and children are rescued and offered shelters and communities are empowered with the tools needed to become self-reliant…it’s an honor to be part of the  dōTERRA  family in helping others.

I know with every bottle of oil I purchase I am helping a family and a community around the world.  Also, when I think safe, pure and effective Essential Oil…I think dōTERRA! Learn more at www.sourcetoyou.com.

Find your Quality ID

At any time you can enter your unique Quality ID to view GC/MS  (gaschromatography-massspectrometry) test results from an independent, verified third party lab.

Want to learn more?  Feel free to connect with me with any questions or keep reading…Living a Vibrant Juicy Life and Let your Journey Begin….