Wholesale Membership

Signing up for a Wholesale Membership is simple!

Just follow these easy steps below…

I recommend starting with an Enrollment Kit which will save you money and get you started with our top oils.  Your Membership fee will be waived and with some kits you can start saving even more right away with Product Credits!

You can view all the Enrollment Kits HERE.  If you aren’t sure which kit to enroll with, please connect with me before you sign up for an account.  I’ll be happy to work this you to choose the best kit for your needs.  I can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

So What’s Next?

Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is the smartest way to purchase your oils and the way I purchase my oils monthly.  We can do it together when we meet for your Free Wellness Consult.

Why LRP?

Besides it being flexible and optional, it’s a monthly program set up so it literally
rewards you for placing regular monthly orders.  You earn Product Credits that
you can use towards purchasing your oils and you can customize your monthly
order every months.

Here are some of my favorite oils to add to our top 10 that are a must in my home….

Serenity it’s a restful blend, but I found it also be an amazing helpful blend for emotional support.

Balance it’s a grounding blend and I love to use it throughout the day to keep me centered and grounded.

Wild Orange it’s a citrus oil and they are all considered what I call “Happy Oils”.  Their uplifting scents brings joy and happiness to your day.

Opting into the LRP, allows you receive free oils for being a loyal customer.


~Through earning the Free Product of the Month with orders of 125PV (product value)

~Through saving 10% off the Promotional Product for the month

~Through other promotional specials

~Through the Product Credits

~Through receiving you shipping cost back in Product Credits

~Through your Loyalty Point accrual percentage which continues to increase during your first year of orders.

Join my doTERRA family!

Or…you can message me, we can set up a time to do a Lifestyle Overview and have you on your way to your own healthy living journey.

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