New Moon in Scorpio Invitation

This New Moon falls in the watery sign of Scorpio, with its feminine charge, it is receptive and intuitive. Scorpio is vailed, it is mysterious, which coincides with the current season. This particular New Moon cycle encompasses both Mexico’s Día de los Muertos and Samhain (end of summer), Gaelic Celtic festival, or as Westerners have come know it Halloween. These celebrations are considered being in liminal time where the veils between the worlds are thin.  So let this support and encourage you to make space to honor this potent New Moon. 

Inspired by the offerings of our Wild Woman Project leader, this New Moon’s theme is Streams of Longing. We are invited to connect to a deeply held desire and see where it takes us.

What are the longings that flow through you?

“There’s an ideology that desire is somehow sinful or wrong. But I think desire is rooted in our hearts and our souls…our heart of heart desires are seeds of beauty and power. These deep-seeded desires are to bringing good into the lives of others.” ~ Chris Maddox

I believe we can create the life we want, we’ve just forgotten. I’m sure you’ve heard it said more than once that thoughts become things. So the secret is to become aware of our thoughts, become present in the moment and have clarity of what we desire. Embracing them we learn to flow through life like streams of water. It’s our desires that shape our physical reality like running water shapes the earth.

On this New Moon, I invite you to commune with moving water, sit by a stream, creek, or river. Make an offering to the water element, a leaf, flower etc and sit with it, quiet your mind and ask for a message.

New Moon Blend…

The oils that called to me to support us during this New Moon Cycle are:

Cypress supports energetic flow. Allows us to let go of the past and move with the flow of life.

Juniper Berry supports in dispelling fear.

Ylang Ylang helps us connect our heart and mind, this connection supports us to live in divine flow and with heightened intuition.

Journaling exercise…

I invite you to take some time, create space and explore the following questions…

  • What stirs within me and keeps bubbling up over and over again?
  • What is my heart longing for?
  • What is my deepest desire?

Intention setting…

Mandalas are wonderful and powerful for inner focus, perfect for New Moon intention setting. Each New Moon I create Mandalas, inspired by their theme, for this purpose. I leave space in the center for you to write your intention. Here’s this New Moon in Scorpio Mandala inspired by Streams of Longing.

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