Monthly Archives: March 2017

Deeelish Real Food on the Road…


Yep, you heard right…real food on the road!  When we first ventured to hit the road a year ago, first to just travel to fairs and such and now being full timers, I read several post about eating camping meals while on the road.  That’s good and fun once in a while, but I was out to prove I could cook real food while on the road, and that I did.

I’m not gonna disagree with anyone that RV ovens are little and crappy.  The don’t bake evenly and there’s very little head room for raising cakes 😉.  But I’ve made it work by adding a few things…first finding a pizza stone that fit our little 17″ oven.  We looked high and low and finally stumbled upon one at our small local supermarket!

I also purchased an oven thermometer…a must because these little ovens just aren’t calibrated well, or at least mine isn’t.  Granted it’s 7 years old, but having a thermometer helped me monitor it’s temperature throughout the baking sessions.  I have to admit though, not having an oven light is no fun at all, but the light on my phone seems to do the job.