Daily Archives: May 12, 2017

Oregon’s 7 Wonders, Lighthouses and Covered Bridges…

Shortly after we moved to Southern Oregon, from Southwest Colorado, I became obsessed with visiting as many Lighthouses as I could.  As we made our way up exploring the coast I’ve made it a point to stop and visit or at least photograph them.  So far I’ve seen 6 out of the 12 and I share the pics on Pinterest.

I’m hoping to see some from Northern Oregon and maybe some from Washington state now that we are heading up that way this summer.


I also noted that there are some old covered bridges in Oregon…apparently it has 50 covered bridges the most among all the US states.  I’ve been photographing them as well, when ever we can veer off our routes to hunt them down…they too are on Pinterest. I only have seen 10 out of the 50…with the last being Lowell Bridge, which we saw on our way over to Bend.  As you can see there’s one just north of Bend which we will go check out…and any others as we cross back and forth through central Oregon.





And of course while searching places to hike I came across Travel Oregon, where they did this video of the 7 Wonders of Oregon.

So far, we’ve explored the Oregon Coast, at least all of the Southern and Mid Coast and are looking forward to seeing more of the Northern Coast during this trip..I believe the furthest north I’ve driven on the coast is Lincoln City…though when I first met Doug he did take me to Canon Beach by way of Portland.  I drove along the Columbia River when I drove out to pick Doug up in Portland and bring him back to Colorado, but we really haven’t explored it as a family.  We visited Crater Lake back when we first got married, so Keagan our youngest hasn’t been there.  Those are two places we want to revisit as a family and spend some time in.  And we have yet to visit the Painted Hills, Mount Hood, Smith Rocks, Wallowas.  Our goal is to see as much as we can while on this trip up North.

PS. You can follow your travels below on the Nomad Map!