Daily Archives: June 21, 2017

Neskowin RV Resort, Oregon

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!  They are everywhere at this quaint RV Resort.  We made it back to the coast, and to be honest I have to admit I was missing the Ocean air.  I know I said I loved the forests in Eastern Oregon, and I do, but I am also partial to the sea, it calls to me.  A week here and then we keep moving North working our way up into Washington.

As I said this was a quaint resort, indoor pool, small laundry facility, game room, lounge.  It rained most of our time here though.  Guess I didn’t realize how much into the summer months it rains in upstate Oregon…but it does and so it is.  We did take advantage of the nice days and hit the beaches.  As always the beaches on the Oregon coast are peaceful, very little populated and stretches and stretches of beach to comb.

There wasn’t much to the town of Neskowin but Lincoln City was close by and we did explore it’s shops and coast as well.  Mostly, though we wrapped up school, Keagan finished school a week early and was on the Honor Roll again!  He was supper excited to start summer vacation and is thrilled to still be able to connect with his peers through the Summer Live Lessons being offered. Our Verizon Internet Hotspot worked okay here, it wasn’t the best but Doug was able to get work done and we were able to finish up school.  AT&T though was awful, even with the booster it struggled.

Oh, and about the bunnies…apparently this Resort is over run with bunnies of various colors and sizes.  And though they warn against petting them…they have no reservations when it comes to hopping up to you, under your feet or hanging out around the sites.  Too cute…so tempting to pet them!

We are off to Seaside hoping for some more sun and beach time there.