Huntley Park…Gold Beach, OR

We’ve been in our hometown area these past few weeks as we settled into school mode and do dental and medical followups. It’s also when I get to take Mystic (my SUV) out of storage and get my freedom again!  I short and don’t feel comfortable driving our dually, so when we do this every Spring and Fall I like the freedom of driving again.  The  stressful part is the challenge that there aren’t any reasonably affordable places to stay within the two coastal towns of Brookings and Gold Beach Oregon.  Everything here is either senior living (no kids allowed) and permanent living parks or ridiculously touristy over priced places.  Some are totally worth it, some hardly are.  I shared some of our favorite Oregon Coastal Parks in the area on a previous post but I just wanted to share a little more about this park.   None of the parks around here accept any of the various membership discounted programs we belong to, which makes it difficult.  That aside, our size…yes, another obstacle that shows up a lot for us, also limits the uses of BLM or National Forests campgrounds found around here for the simple reason that we don’t fit.

But after a lot of research we stumbled upon this little park.  It’s dry camping, although there is a site available that is full hook.   Since we’ve become self-sustained with the beginnings of our Solar and our little generator, we’ve been opting for dry camping and boondocking when ever possible. Both a necessity for our budget and also cos’ well you can’t beat how awesome it is to be out in the wild…with no neighbors.  It’s a good change and it’s good to create balance.

So, after staying a few weeks at Brookings RV Park, a small quaint park across from Harris Beach State Campground…we found our way here to Huntley. The park is located on the Rogue River…very peaceful.  Well maintained and managed.  Lots of sites. There’s a bathroom and showers for a fee.  There’s no laundry, that has to be done in town.  Laundry mat prices vary a lot I’ve come to find out.  Here in Gold Beach, laundry runs $2.25 wash and $1.50 dryer.  Fees at Huntley to dry camp are $95/week, extra car $5.00, and 1 FHU site is $25/night.  They have potable water and gray water drains.  No dump, there are two dump stations in town.  A free one by the police station and the fee one is by the Port of Gold Beach Harbor.  Where they have an RV wash station and propane refill.  Propane can also be found at Lex’s Landing and Phillips 66 at the entrance to town as well.

It’s been very peaceful here, we’ve had neighbors come in and out but not many.  The limit stay is 2 weeks but since it’s not peak season and it’s been pretty empty, they have allowed us to stay longer.  Which we are really grateful for.  We’ve been walking the river and exploring for the past few weeks and have seen and heard various wildlife…Crow visits often, owl every evening.  There’s an osprey and 4, two white and two gray cranes out over the lake, its fun watching them go after fish.  Yesterday we were visited by Grate Eagle…


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