It’s Only the Beginning…

I’ve struggled with emotional imbalances most of my life…and honestly who doesn’t.  We all have suffered some form and/or some level of trauma in childhood that left us with some kind of limiting beliefs. Worse yet, we inherit our generational wounds, traumas, and addiction etc.  When these get triggered, we can get stuck.  Because of mine…I have found myself quite honestly an emotional mess, that led to weight gain and with several, what I call, medical labels.

Since I tried several diets without any real success…the last thing I wanted to buy into was yet another diet or “healthy” life choice that eliminated yet another food group.  So, when some of my oiling friends talked about cleanses and supplements and eating healthy…I was leer to jump on that band wagon. 

But after being given even more medical labels early this year and having yet more side effects to the drugs prescribed, I choose to do some research on how to heal my body without drugs.  What I learned in my research was that no matter how well we think we eat, we don’t get enough nutrients from our diet and it doesn’t stop there…we are also exposed to many toxins daily.  All this causes an imbalance in our gut flora, which in turn causes havoc in our bodies resulting in immune deficiencies.

It wasn’t until I fully stepped into nurturing my Mind, Body and Soul…with the help of dōTERRA and along with the other modalities I share, that I finally have started to see change both emotionally and physically.

So, I thought I’d take a moment and share a little…

But first I want to say, this journey really started almost 3 years ago, after a deep betrayal that left me devastated.  Not that I haven’t gone through my share of Dark Night’s of the Soul before…but this one was the one, the one that I almost didn’t survive.  But that’s a story is for another time.  For now let’s just say that the months that followed were dark and rough.  I supporting my partner, yes, my typical MO…always putting other needs before my own…I supported him through this addiction, recovery, and healing.  As usual, not taking care of me, I continued to fall deeper into despair, I found myself in a place of hopelessness and emptiness. I felt beaten down by life, I lost my passion. Who I was, was a shadow of who I used to be, who I had been all my life, was no more.

My body had already started to suffer from toughing it out and just keep on keeping…but with all the additional stress and grieving, I found myself facing hair loss and other health issues.  By this time we hit the road and I started to go deeper into self-exploration and self-discovery, while exploring medications for my conditions.  The meds failed me, as my sensitivity to them and reactions were more than I could bare.  That’s when I came across more and more information about how health is a physical manifestation of our emotional and spiritual well being, something I already was aware of but hadn’t truly owned.

Six years ago when I said yes to my calling,  I was led to the understanding that living a healthy vibrant life encompassed nurturing our Mind, Body and Soul.  But I didn’t get it until I hit rock bottom and I chose life…committed to taking the steps to making a difference.  I really had to step into what had been calling to me all this time.

“I’m not quite sure where this is going to lead me but I have a feeling I’ll be the best version of myself.”

That’s what I said this past February 14th, when this part of my journey began.  After my research I was convinced there was a link between the gut and the brain.  In my study of gut health, I came to learn the importances of good supplements to support our bodies.  It’s understandable that as we age, our body systems start to slow down and like everyone else…I’m only getting older.  When I chose life, 3 years ago…I accepted the health issues, the worn out tired body as part of it all.  You’d be surprised how fast and how much grief and unresolved emotions can age you.

But after my research I learned…

we can have our health span equal our life span, whether that’s 10 years, 30 years or 50 years from now.  I knew I didn’t want to burden my children with Alzheimer or burden my parter with a stroke.  I wanted to grow a healthier and younger body.  That’s big for someone who only 3 years ago went through the darkest night of her soul and couldn’t even think about tomorrow much less the next hour.   We can step into a healthier life and have it equal our life span.  That’s when I made the commitment to stepping into a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, like I said, it wasn’t until my failing health that I made this choice.  The key to a healthy life is taking care of ourselves before we are faced with having to back paddle to better health.  What I’m trying to say here is that nurturing our Body, Mind and Soul is essential in living a healthy life.  I’m accomplishing that with high level supplements, and modalities including, aromatherapy, meditation and energy work to name a few.

So, now ten months later and 35 lbs. lighter…I feel really good.  I see it in my eyes, my posture…my shoulders don’t feel heavy with the weight of the world.  My goal wasn’t to loose weight.  I had been thin most of my life, it wasn’t until I got married and nursed my husband back to health after his strokes and went through some very stressful times that the weight came on.  But no, this wasn’t a weight loss journey, trust me after years of failure, chasing after the latest diets and workouts, I wasn’t gonna hold my breath for weight loss.  My goal was to feel better in my own skin, to not be in emotional and physical pain anymore.  My journey was to live a vibrant juicy life.

I still have a ways to go, as my physical limitations are still there but I have been having more good days than bad ones. My digestive health is so much better.  My mobility and energy levels have improved.  My emotional health is better than where I was this time last year, though I still have moments of struggle, I feel I have the support I need from the tools I’ve incorporated.  I feel motivated, I have hope.  My complexion is clearer, I have new hair growth, all these “side benefits” from living healthy are noticeable and eye opening to me.

Has it been easy…no.  Nutritionally it’s been challenging.  Making the right food choices within our budget isn’t easy, but I’m gradually getting better at it. And the supplements support my body in absorbing the nutrients I need for the foods I eat and providing me with the nutrients I’m missing in my diet.  Physically, I do what I can, when my body allows, mostly walking, dancing and yoga.  Mentally, I now meditate twice a day, and have morning and evening sacred practices.  I spend more time in a place of gratitude and continue with my self-exploration and self-discovery practices through journaling and art.  But the best and easiest part is taking the supplements and using the essential oils, that in combination upgrade my brain, gut and support me in balancing my Mind, Body and Soul.  A year ago…I felt like I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders…I felt so emotionally heavy.  With the support of these oils and supplements, an acupuncturist and a spiritual healer, I’m on a journey to a better life.

This Month’s New Moon was all about Re-imagining…Re-looking at how I see things…Re-think, Re-exam some of the things I’ve been told all my life. Re-imagine what is possible for this new me and new life I’ve been dreaming into being this year.  And let me tell you…I’ve been feeling the emergence of more and more buried emotions that need to surface and be felt and transformed.  Which again brings me to my calling…to the art of Alchemy, transforming Energies, Vibrations, Emotions and Consciousness from one form to another.

I’m still feeling there’s much more unfolding…it’s only the beginning.

 As I understand more about how to navigate our traumas and generational wounds and use them to empower us, I feel compelled to share along the way.  So, I am open to letting go and surrendering completely, following my intuition and letting it lead me through, what for me is new uncharted territory.  As I continue to shed what no longer serves me and unbecoming everything that isn’t who I really am…so that I can be who I was meant to be in the first place.

If you too are ready to step into a better version of yourself and live the vibrant juicy life we all deserve, reach out to me.  I would love to help you get started on your journey.  I invite you to also join my Facebook page and learn more.

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