Meditation and Mindfulness ~ Sacred Practice Series

Meditation and Journeying…

Everyday I make time for silence…be it by connecting to nature in the form of Spirit Walks, Barefoot Breathing, or just sitting in Sacred Space and doing a guided meditation or…sitting and just listening. I believe in getting in alignment first thing in the morning before I start my day, which consists of a morning ritual. Why? Because I know the energy I invite sets the tone for the rest of the day.   But this past year, I added one more thing before my morning ritual.  As soon as I open my eyes, I reach over to my essential oils and choose an emotional support blend, roll it on my chest and I started meditating in bed.  This is before my feet touch the floor and I start my day. In the beginning I started out just laying there in silence…practicing thoughtlessness, then I started doing guided meditations.  Now I chose which I want to practice.  I see each day as a new beginning, a clean canvas to paint and dream my world into being.  The first few moments when we awake we are still in that space between…before our thoughts start rushing in, I like to take advantage of this time to connect to my higher-self.

I also meditate before falling asleep in bed, to help me relax and let go of the day.  Again, I choose an oil that will help me relax and calm me.  This helps tremendously, as I have struggled with sleep a lot, I tend to start revising my day and my thoughts start racing.  Inviting this sacred practice, along with my essential oils routine into my life has helped me over come my restless nights.  Here’s a great App I found Relax Melodies, it allows you to choose various sounds to make your own meditation music, and it offers various short meditations to choose from.

I also do Journey work…like meditation, it’s a tool in Shamanic practice.  I feel it’s more powerful than meditation as I’m able to journey, moving in and back again from the spiritual realm, where I can connect with my helping ancestors, animal and Spirit guides, to get answers and have healings.

Practicing being mindful…

This has helped me be more aware of my body.  In 2016, Embody was my word of the year, that year I was invited to reconnect with my body.  Really tune in and listen to the yeses and nos. Paying attention of my thoughts.  Once again we can so easily get caught up in what happened, what could have been and so on.  Or worse yet, we can get caught up on the future and what we can do or will do. You’d be surprised how much we live in the past or the future once you become mindful of your thoughts.  And how we get caught up in automatic mode, go about our daily routines mindlessly but once you become mindful you experience life here and now.  I’ve learned it’s the best place to be when navigating deep waters, as emotions can carry us away.

Incorporating simple practices like these keeps us connected and present, especially during times of turmoil and challenges in our lives.  These are times when we need these practices the most but also when we let them fall to the wayside.  Likewise, when we are all caught up in the fast pace of life, we can get too busy to fit these practices.

A few of my favorite oils to use during meditation

Sandalwood, Rose, and my new favorite Manuka.

One thing I love to do is let the oils guid me…I see which one speaks to me to use during meditation or whatever need I have.  A great resource to have is Emotions and Essential Oils book.


Moonlight Musings…

I’m currently exploring Practice You…A Journal, by Elena Brower, an inspiring essential oil user, yoga teacher and author.

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