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Meet Luna Bella…our new home on wheels…she’s a Keystone Montana High Country 340BH.  Here’s her floor plan…she has an actual bunk house for the boys…and of course Kaia…

Once our home sold and we started our full-time venture it wasn’t long before we fell in love with it all…the freedom, the adventure, the travel.  We’ve had a few hiccups along the way but we managed to work them out.  As we came into the new year we realized that our travel trailer wasn’t made for full-time living… 4 people and a dog were putting a toll on it.  So, we came to the decision that we wanted to continue our life on the road and to do so we needed to find another RV that suited our needs.

We searched and even considered Motorhomes, but after comparing models and floor plans, as well as exploring some of the amenities we had on our wishlist we found Luna Bella.  Here’s some pictures of our new living space and why we liked this model so much more than the others we looked at.

First off, I have to say we really liked the fact Keystone uses advanced materials and manufacturing technology to significantly reduce weight of this RV.  This baby is huge in my humble opinion, but it’s a dream to pull, nothing like before with the travel trailer.  I have to confess though, I don’t drive Rockette (our truck), in fact I never hauled Gypsy Moon either.  At 5’1″ I can’t see over the steering wheel to ever drive Rockette, but as a passenger I felt every sway, bump and tug when we pulled Gypsy…it was nothing like that hauling Luna Bella over the passes to the coast.


Here’s the Living/Kitchen/Dining…

We wanted an RV that had two pullout in this area of the living space.  This was on my wishlist, I wanted some space in the Living area…so I can do Yoga.  Since we’ve been on the road my practice hasn’t been consistent.  Granted all the rain limited me to only the trailer and there was zero room.  I did take advantage of the rec room in Turtle Rock, one of the places we stayed…but now I can do it in my own living space!  We now have cabinet space…yep it was on my wishlist while doing our search.  I love the space in this Kitchen. This layout in my opinion, gave me the best work area in the Kitchen, as well as the space I needed in the Living room.  We now have an electric fireplace, of course it’s missing all the goodness and the smoky wood scent that comes with a real fire place, but it gives off just the right amount of heat to off set the propane heater and make it a relaxing space to hang out 🙂


With the Kitchen sink covers on…

I have a large working space to actually have fun in the Kitchen.  The oven is basically the same, maybe a few inches taller…but I’ve mastered baking in the little standard RV ovens, so we are all good there.  We have a real fridge!  Which was also a must on my wishlist.  I needed a bigger fridge to set off our grocery budget.  Having the smaller fridge in Gypsy we had to go shopping more often… I don’t know about you but when we went shopping so often it was hard to only shop for what we came for.  Now, I can stock up on freezer goods and plan out meals that totally keep to our budget.


This model has an actual Kitchen table…

Which we welcome as the wrap around bench and table in the other place got tiring trying to get in and out of.  This makes it much easier to enjoy dinner together or even use it for work/school.  It has a leaf that pulls out and makes it a longer table for a 5th person to join us or to have more room for more sides/salads etc.  And each chair seat flips up for an extra little compartment, which by the way fits my laptop and accessories!



The bunkhouse…

This was one of our biggest requirement, as we wanted the boys to have personal space to hang out. We seen many floor plans with bunkhouses but this configuration was the one we liked the most.  There’s plenty of storage here, the couch opens up to another bed should we have company, while providing a great space to study and do school, not to mention watch movies and play video games.  There is also plenty of storage space under the couch.

Even the littlest one in our family is enjoying this room, as she now has a spot of her own, which she loves and uses a lot.  Here she is staying out of the way, while we unpacked and got organized.


The Master bedroom…

It came with a king bed, but we wanted more space in our room.  So, Doug trimmed off the wood stand and we brought out our Sleep Number bed from storage and walla it fits beautifully.

There’s a lot about this new home we love, and aside from the above some more of my faves are the Skylight in the Kitchen and bathroom shower…which by the way is a real shower.   The awesome Kitchen ceiling vent/fan which really helps when your cooking.

The theater seats and love seat in the Living room, which is wonderful to actually have something for everyone to sit on while watching a moving or just hanging out.  The Living room ceiling fan…which helps distribute the heat and I’m sure will come in handing in the summer.  Doug loves that it comes with auto leveling, as well as the sturdiness of it.  And though it’s long, it’s much easier to haul and that’s always good.  Not to mention at 6’2″ he loves the head room.

This is way more than I ever thought we’d live in while on the road…but in reality, especially weathering the rainy winter here in Oregon, we needed the space.  It’s no where near our 2,220 sq ft home we sold last year.  But at 330 sq ft it is much more spacious than our Gypsy Moon and build to withstand our full time living life style.  I’m extremely grateful we were able to find what we need to continue our Adventurous road life.  Sooo looking forward to some summer fun!



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One thought on “Our New Home…Still on Wheels

  • Dr. Monique

    Congratulations! Luna Bella is so beautiful! I love 5th Wheels for everything you mentioned and all the wonderful space they offer as well as being easier to tow. Looking forward to following your journey on the road. Hope to see you in Cali in your new home in the near future!