Seaside RV and Tall Chief RV Resorts

Cannon Beach, OR

This is the furthest in North Oregon we’ve ever been…and I was sooo surprised at how busy the beaches were.  Not indicative of what I know to be Oregon Beaches…the coast here was full of people and dogs.  We enjoyed some beach time in between the cloudy gloomy days that still fell upon us.  Where is Summer? that was our biggest question but Doug kept reminding us that when he lived in Portland…summer didn’t come until early July…and so we wait.

Seems like we will be at a few Thousand Trails parks in the coming weeks.  The Seaside RV Resort is another Thousand Trails…this one was the first park we’ve been to that was actually split in half.  One side of the road had the pool/clubhouse and half of the RV sites, where the other side had the other half a laundry room and a small mini golf area.  We were able to find a corner spot which gave us a large front yard to play yard games and cook s’mores.

Fort Steven’s State Park




While here we went to Astoria and visited the Peter Iredale which was a four-masted steel barque sailing vessel that ran ashore October 25, 1906.  I’m not sure why they left it on the beach but it sure was big and beautiful.

We enjoyed walking down the “Prom” as they called it…a sidewalk promenade with hotels and shops…kinda like the Jersey boardwalk but much smaller.  There was lots of activity on the beach there and they even had a few swing sets and volleyball nets set up.  There was glitter (mica I assume) in the sand…it was pretty.  We had quite a few windy days but that didn’t stop us from taking out beach walks.






We also came across a Lewis and Clark statue, which Keagan was totally excited about since he studied their journeys this year in Oregon History class.

This is also where Kaia learned how to play, keep away for the first time.  At first she had to have her ball and sharing was out of the question, she didn’t want anyone else to have it…but she soon figured out that we would pass it back and forth and then she would get a turn…she really likes the new game.

After leaving Seaside, we spent a night at Tall Chief RV resort, before heading up to Grandy Creek RV, both once again Thousand Trails Parks.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures of our site at Tall Chief.  We arrived late in the afternoon and left early the next day.  I can say that the sites were close to each other with some trees for privacy.  The park and pool was packed with people.  They open the pool up to the public and it was an extremely hot day…there were lots of dogs there too.  I noticed a tree growing out of a cut down stump right in front of out site, it reminded me so much of Ferngully when faeries Crysta and Magi helped the trees grow back in the cut down rainforest and I took this video…

But we managed to get out that evening and visit Snoqualmie Falls….it was stunning… we are off to Northern Washington…








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