Sawtooth Canyon Campground

We took a loooong driving week to make our way down south, by that I mean long day drives.  We usually stick to 2-3 hour drive days…but to get down here we took longer drive days and hopped to Casinos for the night and then hit the road again the next day.  The shift in weather on the Oregon coast was wrecking havoc on my Fibromyalgia.  Though I have to admit, between my new lifestyle choices and the supplements and oils, my flare ups were not as intense nor did they last as long.  Which equates to me NOT being bedridden in the mists of them, which I’m so grateful for.

We made a decision to take my SUV along…

It wasn’t a light decision…but we figured in the end we’d save some money then having her in storage.  Well it turned out we were blessed to have her…

Our first was on our way through the Bay Area.  I drive behind Luna Bella, as it helps when he has to cross lanes, you know to have me back there to give him space.  Sometimes it seems no one wants to give way to a truck and rig on the highways.  Anyway, I noticed the bikes were bouncing a lot more than usual.  Granted, California roads are just atrocious…every time we have to come south we are met with shitty roads.  But this was excessive bouncing.  I always double check the bike rack, even after Doug does…it’s just routine for me to give it a second look.  So I knew they were tied down tight…but no sooner did I mention to Doug that the road was making them bounce excessively…that our little’s bike hopped right off the rack and was barely holding on, Freaked me out!  Could you imagine the accident it would have cause if I hadn’t been behind him and had him pull over.  Crazy scary.  We did our best to find a safe place to pull over.  As you can barely see from the picture we weren’t in the best of spots.  Come to find out one of the straps just gave way, wouldn’t ratchet down so we used new ones we had on board.  Needless to say, after getting them cinched up again… getting back on the highway was heart stopping as no one was courteous enough to switch lanes and give us space.   But in time traffic broke enough to allow us in.

We finally arrived to our destination…only to find with the holiday weekend there weren’t any spots left.  So we boondocked a few miles down the road…but little did we know we were in the mist of some HOV rally…LOL…for two days we heard the thundering of vehicles and loud, loud music.  But being in the desert was amazing.

Then we were thankful for my SUV a second time…

We took a drive to our original destination and found a spot.  But as Doug was backing up the rig into our spot…his power steering hose blew…spewing power steering fluid everywhere.  Making it difficult for him to turn the truck and maneuver the rig into place.  But after a few tries we did it.  We were not only blessed to have the SUV to go pick up groceries and the truck after repairs…but we were also grateful that our



Sam’s Roadside assistance towed the truck 50 miles to a dealership that could do the work…and that our warranty paid for it all!


Sawtooth Canyon campground was an interesting place.  Dry camping with a restroom.  A few sites had covered picnic tables, but there was no water or waste cans anywhere nor was there a Host on site.  Lots of climbers came there for day or over night stays.  The rest of our stay was incredibly fun exploring all the rock formations, enjoying the sunsets and wow, the stars at night in the desert are A-mazing!