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Oracle Cards ~ Sacred Practice Series

Another practice I’ve had for years, is pulling oracle cards.  I have a variety of card decks, so, I go to the ones that call me.  Sometimes, I work with a single deck for months, other times I’ll feel called to pull a card form another deck.  But, I pull a card a day.  I take this a little further and have pulled a card for the year, month, season…what ever calls to me.  This is a medicine or tool that I use often to connect and hear messages from my higher self.  Colette Baron-Reid has a wonderful array of cards and a lot of info about how to use them.  Though there are and as you can see, I have many decks from various people; Colette’s cards seem to “speak” the loudest to me…or maybe I should say I can understand their messages in relationship to my questions better.

There are many layouts, as well that can be used to dig deeper and get a bigger picture expanding on the answer to your question.  But the simple practice of just pulling a card to guide me for the day is empowering in my journey to self-exploration.

I like to ask the question…”What do I need to know to day for the higher good?”  And allow the card(s) to show me.  Every time without a doubt it’s a reflection of what is going on in my life…the card helps me see it or understand it more deeply.  Sometimes I pull another card asking “What more do I need to know about this?”, to help me understand it further.  And yet other times, I will even pull a third asking, “Where is this leading me to?”.

For example today I pulled the Owl card from the “Mystic Shaman” deck.


Be grateful to the friend who shows you what you have not wanted to see until now.  Observe all the facets of the diamond without judgement.  Remember that the facets you dislike are often mirrors of the parts of you that you do not want to recognize.

I sat with this…and asked myself, once again, how is the world mirroring me.  I knew exactly what the card was referring to, (there was no need for me to pull another card)…yesterday I was triggered, my buttons pushed.  I was irritated by the behavior of someone close to me and…I still haven’t been able to shake it off.  Why, because the journey I’m on now isn’t about just shaking things off and moving on, it’s about going deeper, exploring my shadow side…digging deeper into who I’ve been and shedding what doesn’t serve me.

I’m still learning how to shift my limiting beliefs.  Though I understand how our thoughts create our reality and though I’ve become more aware of my thoughts…there are still unconscious thoughts or maybe habits that I don’t see. Unless of course, I stop and dig deeper and ask why. Why am I reacting this way.

The cards to me are a way of helping me see past my limiting belief and understand better.  In this particular case I asked myself…how is my life like a mirror, I couldn’t conceive of the idea that if someone is dishonest, thoughtlessness, uncaring, rude…all the things that irritate me so much, was because they mirrored those traits in me.


But what if…

What if my irritation with someone who is uncaring, wasn’t saying that I am uncaring of others in the world but instead that I am not caring of myself.  Or what if their thoughtlessness reflected how much time I spend in my relationships thinking about other’s needs or wants rather than focusing on my own well-being.  Or that maybe I needed to be more rude, I know that sounds terrible, at least it did to me…but let’s think about it in terms of how we treat ourselves.  What if being irritated by someones rudeness is a mirroring that if I’m more “rude”, then I’d have better boundaries.  Something that I’m learning to get better at creating…boundaries. I found out the hard way how important these are to have in our lives.

And…as I explored this a little further, I found that this mirroring process is two folds.  When you are irritated by someone, annoyed by them or they press your buttons, trigger you in some way…then this is a reflection of what you need to own in yourself.  Likewise, if you drawn to someone and admire them, this too is a reflection of what you need to own in yourself.  If for example you are in awe of someones eloquence or strength, ask yourself how do you need to own your own eloquence and strength.

So, the cards to me are another way of waking me up helping me move through stuckness, through limiting beliefs that if I don’t explore or shed light on, will just continue to lead me down a path that takes me further away from coming home to myself.


Moonlight Musings…

I just finished reading Plant Spirit Medicine by Dr. Micaela Coria-Carew, ND LAC, it’s a guide to helping you connect deeper to plant medicines, by way of essential oils.  I naturally connect with the oils and use my intuition seeing which ones speak to me, supporting me with with the healing I’m most in need of at that particular time.  Dr. Mica shares her Native American teachings of how through meditation and gratitude we can connect even deeper with the essence of a particular plant, building a relationship with it and allowing it to teach us it’s deep healings.

I’m also reading One Spirit Medicine by Dr. Alberto Villodo, it’s a eye opener on my healing journey.  So much of his sharing rings true as I have found and read much of this during my own research this year in my attempt at finding natural health solutions.  This is a must read!

My current play list…a mix of some interesting music “Awakening“.

New Essential Oils I’m trying:  Pink Pepper and Green Mandarin. After learning about the chemistry in these two new oils, I’ve been adding them to my water daily.  Learn more about these and other oils at Moonlight Essentials ~ Oil Tips and Inspiration.