Thunderbird and Travel Inn Resorts…

Thunderbird Resort, another Thousand Trails Resort on our journey through Washington.  This resort was split in two on either side of the road.  The river side did not have full hookups but it sure was spacious.  So we choose to stay on the river side…which was away from the amenities but it was just a short walk across the road to them.  They had a large playground, with a mini golf course, shuffle board and 4 pools.  A kiddy, family, adult and a large hot tub.  Laundry mat and bathrooms were clean and spacious.

The boys headed out to the nearby Reptile Zoo and had a blast.  They saw an albino alligator and a two headed turtle amongst other reptiles.  They even got to hold a snake. Keagan said as soon as he got there a Frilled Lizard tried to eat him but a crocodile came and helped him escape!


Since we’ve had LunaBella we noticed a few minor things that will be in need of repairs.  Back in Birch Bay we noticed a bubble on the siding of the front side out.  We have a call into our dealer who’s running it by Keystone and will be setting us up for the repairs once we get home.  While there we will also be having them check out and replace our USB outlet in the Master Bedroom…it started smoking one night and smelling like an electrical fire.  Freaked us out.  I unplugged everything and Doug took off the plate but there was no fire, thank Goddess.

We wanted so much to head out to Leavenworth, but we just couldn’t pull it off.  So off we went to our next place…Travel Inn in Elma Washington…on our way back out to the coast.

This resort left much to be desired…but then again they are in the middle of nowhere really…and we just needed to stay out a week from the sister parks and Travel Inn allowed that for us.  But aside from a small playground and pool, a laundry room and fairly spacious sites they had no other amenities. We happened to be assigned a site right under a construction site, where they were moving ground to establish some sort of strip mall.  So for a few days there it was loud.

But while there you will not believe what we found!  A Drive-In Movie Theater.  We’ve not been to one since the Rocket closed in Durango, CO in October of 2004.  I used to love that Drive-in…as a single Mom it was the best way to watch movies…they always had a child movie and then an adult type and it was so much fun for all of us.  Here in Shelton WA, we went to Skyline Drive-In where we saw Despicable Me 3 and Valerian.  We had fun and it sure brought back memories.

While there we hiked to this amazing waterfall, where everyone including Kaia, enjoyed swimming.  I don’t think I’ve ever been that close to a waterfall…

Unfortunately, on the way back we hit a deer…she came out of nowhere…dashed right in front of us before anyone saw her…I barely caught sight of her just before we hit her.  She kept running across the street and into the woods after she was hit.  But left her body imprint on our front bumper.  I called it in and we’ll be taken Rockett in as well for repairs once we get back to Southern Oregon.  Shit happens eh?…feel bad for the deer but I’m grateful we are all safe.

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