Tonopah Arizona

We boondocked with a few other FullTime Families at the foot of Saddle Mountain. Beautiful place, where you can find Fire Agates and Chalcedony scatters throughout the foothills, as well as a Petroglyph area.

We did some fun hikes throughout, one took us up Saddle Mountain, through a garden of cacti and rocks.

Another to some amazing Earth Art…someone created these amazing heart and spiral mandalas…

We also did a hike up to the Petroglyphs…

Since last summer when we started boondocking, I committed to always spend some time at each boondocking site, creating an offering of prayers, of gratitude and healing for the lands we travel through. Made from rocks and twigs from the area, as well as any flowers I’ve had in the home, carnations, roses etc. Sometimes I’ve been lucky to be able to pick wildflowers for the home, which at the end of our stay I add to the offerings. It’s my way of becoming in right relationship with Pachamam/Mother Earth. Allowing her to transform my prayers and bring them into fruition. A way of healing myself and the world with gratitude. There is always so much to be thankful for…so I let my heart lead the way. These started with the first being in Idaho, at Sawtooth National Forest.

Definitely one of our favorite spots.

Coordinates: 33°40’24.3″N 114°13’00.7″W Campendium App

Water/Dump: Saddle Vista Ranch A small farm up the road equipped to provide RV services. We didn’t use the dump, but water was $5.00.

Propane: Tractor Supply

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