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Our Winter Parks…

This winter we explored our Colorado River Parks in Cali and Arizona which are our free parks.  This is the first time we visited this chain of parks so we weren’t sure what to expect. We used Resort Parks International and Coast to Coast for our weeks out.   As with Thousand Trails…some were great others left much to be desired.  But I suppose that’s the theme with chain parks, if that’s what you can call them.


First up…Northshore RV Resort, CRA

Like most parks in the winter season it was pretty quite.  They had a fairly nice pool but small and not very warm hot tub.  Their shower/changing room was in the Laundry mat with a sign posted not to be in that room wet, LOL  Not sure how that works if you want a shower after getting out of the pool.  We had a site by the river, which it was pretty surprisingly low.  We were glad to be in warmer weather despite the few days of rain.


Our next stop was…

Riverside Adventure Trails…C2C


This park was also one of a our free parks.  It was in Fort Mohave, AZ, close to shopping stores and Post Office, where we had our mail forwarded.  The pool was nice but freezing cold. It was a fairly large RV park, lots of permanent residences.  They too didn’t have much to offer for recreation, due to winter season I suppose.  The sites were spacious, with cement slabs as porches.  The sunsets here in AZ are amazing.


From there we went to…Lake Havasu Resort, CRA

Another free CRA park.  This was a fun location, we could see the lake from our site and enjoyed walking the river walk and crossing the London Bridge. This park was large, located on both sides of the road.  We stayed on the left side where the pool was.  The pool was large, warm and nice, so was the hot tub.  There were a few events scheduled throughout the week.  They had a large dog run which is always a welcoming site for our crazy girl. The sites were spacious but the roads in the front area were pretty narrow. The sunset picture above was taken here…there is an open field behind the park where we would take our afternoon walks.


Arizona Oasis RV Resort

This park was out of our park system, as there weren’t any in the area for us to do our week out so this was our choice.  This was a really nice park, friendly staff, able to receive mail, large heated pool and hot tub.  The sites were spacious as well as the roads, the park was a fairly good size. They had some events in the club house. They also had this awesome “beach” front by the river with hammocks to enjoy.


Keagan had fun out there, it was the first place that actually felt like we could enjoy the weather.  It was our first Ghost Town too!  They had a historic Pioneer cemetery with tombstones dating back to 1908.  It almost felt like walking have in time as you looked at these stone mounds with their headstones.  Which was perfect as Keagan is studying about the 1900’s in school. I think it’s great when he can visit and see hands on places and things he’s studying in school!


Yuma Lakes RV Resort, CRA

This was the furthest South we’ve ever been!  Friendly staff, came to greet us at our site and offer to answer any questions we may have had about our membership. This park looked great in the brochures but upon arrival one of the lakes was all dried up, which was a bummer.  The other was a wonderful lake with lots of wild life.  We enjoyed our walks and visits to it.  The sites were very roomy as were the





roads.  They had a small run down mini golf site. They had a few events going on and we were able to receive mail there too.  The pool and hot tub were a good size.  While here we met up with my besties daughter and her family.  It was great connecting with family.  From here we headed up again to Arizona Oasis and then to the town of Earp.

Emerald Cove RV Resort, CRA

Let me tell you…this is a hopping place.  There is a bar by the river with all the fixin’s from drinks to meals.  Two large heated pools with hot tubs, one under a roof.  A large mini golf area, a store, and lots of events going on.  We were right off the river which was hopping with boats and skidoos.  A very busy place all around.  Sites were roomy, roads were wide, staff was friendly.  There are wild burrows in this park, that just mossy on in and out of the sites…we even saw a few babies with their mamas. Unfortunately, a couple days after our arrival Keagan got the Flu…but thank goodness for the oils which helped him to move through it fast.

Fisherman’s Retreat, C2C

That brings us to where we are today…finishing up our week here at Fisherman’s Retreat…and that it is!  They have 3 large lakes stocked with blue gill, bass and crappy.  Even though they are part of C2C, they are open to the public as well.  But we are not considered members of their park despite being C2C members, so for us there’s a fee to fish and their pool is for members only…disappointing.  Our site is spacious and we can see the lakes from our living room.  Walking them has been fun as they too have a lot of wild life, some very interesting birds for sure.  The boys are looking forward to fishing this weekend before we head out Sunday, back to Cherry Lakes, which will be the last of our CRA parks and where we started our journey south.  Then it’s up north again as we head back for Keagan’s State testing and Spring Celebration!