Daily Archives: February 9, 2020

February Full Moon

This Leo Full Moon in February is stunning…though experts don’t consider it a Supermoon…it really does look like one in the sky. Its energy is just as exciting according to Mystic Mama, one of my favorite sources of astrological wisdom. She shares that “there is excitement in the air as this Aquarius/Leo axis accentuates creativity, expression, and expansion”. She goes on by saying that this energy invites us to follow our heart’s calling…and “…whether that is met, understood, embraced or not, it expands our Being in ways that our Soul is rooting for”.  Mysticmamma.com

Beautiful…It’s exactly what I needed to hear. Like most of you, following our hearts and putting ourselves out there isn’t easy for me and when you are not met with open arms, it can be even harder to show up. So, it inspired me to create a blend that can support us in following our hearts and mustering up the courage needed to show up.

The energy around each Full Moon is illuminating, it shines its light on all that doesn’t serve us and needs to be released. It’s a perfect time to journal, feel your feels around what’s holding you back and journal it all out, creating space for your intentions moving forward.

This report inspired me to create a Full Moon Blend that, after releasing what holds us back, it can support us in sharing our truth by accessing creative expression, second Chakra/Sacral, taking action, third Chakra/Solar Plexus, and staying open no matter what, fourth Chakra/Heart. I know the “no matter what” part is hard, trust me I’m feeling it too. Cos’ like most of you, I too have had past experiences that have warranted my closed heart. But my word for 2020 is Transformation…and letting go, showing up and releasing what doesn’t serve me is all part of it. And from what I’ve been reading, transformation is what’s being asked of, of the collective as we move into this next phase of evolution.

So what oils spoke to me this Full Moon?

Blue Tansy ~ This oil is also referred to as Morrocan Chamomile. It inspires us to manifest what we are passionate about by aligning with life and taking inspired action. It helps us release negative emotions like procrastination and resistance to change. It supports us in going with the flow of life.

Neroli ~ Like all citrus oils it’s light and uplifting and encourages creativity. But it’s also a heart oil, stabilizing emotions of hopelessness, supporting us to let go of pride and ego and the insecurities that come with it.

Rose ~ It has the highest vibration of any essential oil. It’s divine love in a bottle. It supports us in opening our hearts and seeing the divine in ourselves and others. Reminding us of our connection with divinity and that we are a part of a much bigger picture.

This month we are exploring “Aligning with Life” in our virtual women’s circle. If you’d like to explore, journal and create with like-minded souls come join us.