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Pain and Natural Solutions

Managing chronic pain, I’m no stranger to the fine line we walk when using pain medication. Eight years ago after major dental work, I turned to doTERRA after struggling with pain meds. In fact, my medicine cabinet was the first thing I transformed with natural solutions as I became more familiar with their products, then came beauty care and house cleaning cabinet and so on…you get the picture. The more you use natural solutions and reap there benefits the more you want to replace common household toxins.

Today, I’m taking it easy, upping my self-care as I recover from oral surgery once again. The more you learn about natural solution the more options, choices you have to support your body in healing. So aside from the go-to of Clove and Onguard oil for tooth and gum pain relief. I also turn to Copaiba and Deep Blue Polyphenol complex.

“There is evidence to suggest that topical application of Copaiba may have biological activity in supporting health at the cellular level and in tissue remodeling.” Dr. David Hill ¹

Copaiba is known for…

it’s anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, as well as it’s ability to promote healing and treat a variety of infections.² Studies have also shown its healing support with teeth and gums.³

I know there’s a lot of controversy between Copaiba and Cannabinoids, I invite you to do your own research. Becoming educated helps us make the best choice for our bodies.

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Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex

provides a unique blend of extracts of Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata), along with turmeric and ginger. Indian frankincense has long been used for its soothing properties, and its use in the traditional Ayurvedic practices of India is well established.*

This supplement delivers a unique and standardized Boswellia serrata, Indian frankincense extract (not an essential oil) that has been clinically studied to promote healthy mobility and function, and can provide soothing support throughout the entire body. Like frankincense, turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic practice and is also part of the popular spice Indian curry. The science behind turmeric’s soothing role in overworked muscles and joints is now recognized by experts throughout the world. Ginger root has also been used for centuries throughout Asia for health benefits and as a popular spice. Ginger was among the first spices brought to the New World and has long been recommended for its natural soothing benefits.*

I also added Aromatouch and Helichrysum to my oral pain relief regimen.

Why these two?

Aromatouch is a proprietary synergistic blend created from relaxing and comforting oils which are often used for various massage techniques. The oils found in this blend will support you as follows…

  • Cypress to support and enhance healthy circulation
  • Peppermint to cool, soothe and refresh
  • Marjoram for a positive effect on the nervous system
  • Basil which contains linalool, a beneficial component in decreasing tension and anxious feelings
  • Grapefruit brings positive vibes to invigorate and energize and promote a more loving relationship with our bodies
  • Lavender which brings calming and aromatic properties to promote relaxation and feelings of ease

In this case, it helps soothe and relax my jaw and neck after having it open for an extended period of time.

Helichrysum came about…

as one of those things you learn from experience with the oils. This oil is very sort after for its inflammation support and blood regulating abilities. In our family it’s become an emergency oil from bumps to bloody noses, as it supports nearly every body system. Helichrysum oil has been used for centuries in traditional Mediterranean medicine practices.⁷

A few years back my daughter tripped while jogging and literally faced planted. I knew from my experience with my youngest tumbling down our steps and getting a nasty bump how putting Helichrysum on supports with contusions.

Later, she told me after the dental repair of her front teeth she used Helichrysm as part of her recovery regimen and so passed it on to me. A little directly on the gum soothes and heals.

My regimen has been 1-2 capsules each of Copaiba and Deep Blue Polyphenol 3 times a day. I dilute the Aromatouch and rub it along my jawline and on my neck as needed and I rub one drop of Helichrysum on my gum as needed as well.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.