An Invitation from me to you…

Though my Website is Moonlight Living my blog is Living Wild and Sacred. Why? To me, the Moonlight offers much healing energy, as women, we cycle monthly, as well as, in our lifetimes, with the Moon phases.  It has influenced our lives in so many ways since ancient times.  I feel its energy supports my passion to empower, inspire and support others on their healing journeys. Living Wild and Sacred is how I’ve chosen to show up in the world since my dark night of the soul 4 years ago.

Why Live Wild and Sacred?

I see our physical wellbeing, our health, as a physical manifestation of our emotional well being.  I believe living a healthy vibrant life encompasses nurturing our Mind, Body, and Soul.

Living Wild to me is living free from the inside out.  Creating freedom to show up in life just as we are without and shoulds or have tos.

We live in a fast-paced world, some of us wearing many hats…our lives are full, and we expand our energy in a variety of ways. This can lead to emotional and physical drain.

Dayton, NV

Inviting in the Sacred by Creating Sacred Space allows us to have a safe haven, where we can… 

  • Regroup, get grounded and recharge. 
  • Find ourselves again. 
  • Nurture and honor ourselves, by listening to our inner wisdom. 
  • Connect to our Higher-self, Guides, Divinity.
  • Slow down, connect Mind, Body, and Soul, and shift our mindset.  
  • Connect with that positive flow of energy, that can make a huge difference in how we move through our lives.​
McKenzie River, Or

What is the Living Wild and Sacred Facebook Group?

It’s my vision of creating a Virtual Women’s Circle, maybe possible occasional meetups if I happen to be traveling in your area. I envision it as a community for women who want to create the change they want to see in their life.  I’m loosely holding on to what it’s “suppose” to look like or exactly how it’s “suppose” to be.  Because like you, I too am on my own healing path.  Learning to let go of self-judgment and “shoulds” in my life.  My intent is to be in a place of openness and spaciousness to allow it to unfold organically yet sacredly.  My style statement is “Sacred Organic”.

  • What if you start with simply committing to you?
  • What if your first step is to just show up? 
  • What if from there you can choose how deep you want to dive into creating the change you want in your life? 
  • What if while doing so you can be surrounded by Wild Creative Souls that are on the same journey, in a community supporting one another, free of judgment and full of compassion?

Are you ready to Commit to YOU?

If you are truly ready to commit to you, then I’d like to invite you to my Living Wild and Sacred Facebook Group!

Things I’ll be offering in the group:

I have a variety of tools and resources I’ve collected on my own healing journey.  I will be feeling into the group and share the offerings that come to me, some free, some for donation, while others may be workshops or classes with a registration fee.

So what will some of the offerings look like?

That will depend on the energy of the group but I’m envisioning…

  • Sacred Practices
  • Moon Circles
  • Book Clubs
  • Journaling questions
  • Healing through Art, Creative Practices​
  • Explore Essential Oils and Emotional well being
  • Learn how essential nutrients can support your body
  • Learn techniques for achieving inner freedom
  • Be empowerment and nurtured by having a community of like-minded souls
  • ​and more…

If you are truly committed

to showing up and actively participating in making the changes you want to see in your life then this invitation is for you. Hop on over to my Facebook Group and join.

  • Once there, please be sure to answer the questions agree to the Guidelines.
  • Once accepted sign off on the Welcome announcement post.
  • Then go to the top of the Group where it says “Notifications” and choose “All Posts” this way you won’t miss out on any of my offerings.

Moonlight Musings…

What am I reading? The Warrior Heart Practice book…again. I’m on the Lead Team as Facilitators of this process; that transforms confusion into clarity and pain into peace. Giving us a tool to help us unravel our stories and becoming free from the inside out. It releases Jan 7th, and I’ll be hosting a Book Launch Party and giving away FREE copies and swag.

What am I Listening to? Yule Tidings and Penatonix Christmas Playlist on Spotify.

What is my current ARTual practice? Spray Inks by Lindys Gang! I created some art journals to list in my Shop, I’m almost sold out. I plan to create more but I’m also putting the finishing touches on my Soul Journal Book Binding Workshop, with a twist!

What am I creating? Magick! And manifesting the Living Wild and Sacred Tribe 💖

What am I diffusing? My Holiday Blend:

2 drops Douglas Fir: For healing negative generational patterns & family issues. 

2 drops White Fir: supports us in exploring the negative family patterns and traditions that have been passed down which we’ve made unconscious agreements about.

3 drops Petitgrain: for Ancestry, invokes gratitude for our ancestral wisdom. Illuminating the eternal connection that we have with our previous generations and those to come.

Read more in my last Blog post.