Curing vs Healing…

During these past few years, I’ve learned there’s a huge difference between curing and healing. After spending years as a medical professional, these last few years I found my healing by going back to my roots of alternative healing.

Today, I found out I rocked my blood tests…again! 🙌🏼Yay, second year in a row that my blood sugar and thyroid levels are normal, after declined synthetic drugs for medical labels I refused to take on.  

Full disclosure, I’ve not been able to keep up with the nutritional part of my healthy lifestyle. This past year we’ve been hit hard with some financial challenges after my partner was laid off his job of 15 yrs. Top that with the Covid fall out and well, I don’t have to say much more, as I’m sure many of you are dealing with the same now. But I did still committed to my supplements the best I could. So, I have to admit I was a little worried when I went in for my test.  But, after seeing my results, if there were any doubts before whether or not the supplements help…there is no doubt now. 

Curing as in taking synthetic drugs is just eliminating the evidence of dis-ease, the pills are merely a band-aid. The tests look good, the docs are happy. Healing on the other hand, as in taking essential supplements, as well as addressing the core of our dis-eases, helps our bodies heal themselves and become whole. In other words, when we hand over our power to our doctors to “just fix us”, we miss out on the most important part of our healing journey. If conventional medicine just “cures” our symptoms so the bloodwork looks normal, they are not addressing the underlying causes. Many holistic medical experts say there is a high possibility that our illness will come back.

Four years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure…and went through the usual, try this drug, and that drug to see what worked.  Long story short…the side effects were horrible and I declined to take the drugs. Instead, I chose to learn ways to manage my stress, to dig deeper, and find the core of my dis-ease. Then two years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypothyroidism. I held the prescription in my hands and thought about how much I had struggled with side effects the previous year.

I struggled with synthetic drugs causing unfavorable side effects. So much so, that I chose not to go down the rabbit hole of taking drugs to cure the side effects of drugs.  Instead, once again, I went against my doc’s and family’s advice and choose to heal myself naturally. A year later my doc was impressed with my labs and vitals that he told me to keep up the supplements and whatever else I was doing. Today, 2 years later I was told my labs are still looking good and I also rocked my blood pressure.

My research 2 years ago started with the book, One Spirit Medicine by Dr. Villoldo and brought me full circle back to doTERRA and their supplements¹. He’s since written a new book Grow a New Body, a guide to regenerating and repairing our cells. There is no doubt in my mind that if we commit to supporting our mind, body, and spirit we can heal ourselves. 

The foundation of my healing journey is essential supplements. Nutrients that our bodies need to heal itself…nutrients we can no longer find in our food source due to nutrient-depleted soil. Our produce doesn’t have the same level of nutrients as it did in our grandparent’s era².

It’s definitely a work in progress, it takes time and commitment, it’s not a quick fix. But my blood results are truly within normal levels because my body is healing, not because synthetic drugs make it look as so.  I still have a ways to go in my healing journey but self-exploration, therapy, and a holistic approach to include supporting my body with the nutrients it needs have led to these results. And they are a confirmation I’m on the right healing path.

I’ve come to realize that physical dis-ease is a manifestation of our energetic well being or lack thereof. I’m a true believer that our health should equal our life span, we all deserve to live a vibrant juicy life. In order to do so, we must nurture our Mind, Body, and Soul.

So where do you start? Start by committing to you! Reach out and learn about the healthy habits needed to live a vibrant life. If you want to learn more about my journey and the supplements I take I invite you to join my Moonlight Essentials Oil Tips and Inspirations Facebook group, or reach out and Learn more!


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