Diffusing Essential Oils ~ Sacred Practice Series 2

Continuing with my Sacred Practice series, today I’ll share about one of the ways Essential Oils have been incredibly healing for me.  Aside from using them internally and topically, I also diffuse them.   Struggles with anxiety, stress, as well as feelings of overwhelm and sadness, which can be unpredictably triggered isn’t easy.  Having tools to turn to, to support me during those times is priceless. Running the diffuser daily creates an environment where I am supported when those feelings arise.

I’ve often shared the importance of using Essential Oils in place of synthetic scents by way of candles and air fresheners.  The damage synthetic chemicals have on our bodies is horrendous, causing cancer, genetic damage, even affecting the reproductive organs to name a few.  Did you know that diffusing Essential Oil not only makes your room, office or home smell great but that there are many “side benefits” too?  Here’s a few…

Raising our Vibration…

Having a high life force or vibration, creates an environment where disEASE and illnesses can not live, that’s right, bacteria, viruses, and fungus, as well as emotions like sadness, grief and depression can not obtain residence in our bodies when our vibration is heightened. We all have our struggles, as each of us are faced to address generational healing.  Patterns and traditions are naturally handed down from our ancestors.  Some are positive, others are negative and can be destructive.  We carry and relive generations of our ancestral traumas, addictions etc.   Studies shown that the chemistry and vibration of Essential Oils help maintain an optimal healthy vibration; which assist you in building a stronger immune system and removing/deleting blockages that can result in illnesses in your body.

When we live in a higher vibrational state, we are also connected to our heart, to pure love, this allows for unresolved feelings to surface and transform. Stagnant feelings like low self-worth, sadness, grief and anger can not exist with feelings of love, peace and balance. Essential Oils help in the releasing of these stagnate feelings and emotions, by helping them surface and assisting us in acknowledging and releasing them.

That said, Essential Oils don’t do our emotional work for us. They provide us with the support we need as we combined them with our healing work, be it through coaching, massage therapy, art therapy, etc, the oils help us release what no longer serves us. Much like with our physical body, they assist and support our bodies ability to physically heal, so in this case they assist us as we look within and support us though our emotional healing journey.

Have you ever heard of Positive and Negative Ions?

I came across ions a while back when I shared about my Barefoot Breathing practice, connecting skin to earth.   It’s been a natural instinct for me to connect my bare skin to Mother Earth, to help me ground and connect with nature in a more Sacred Organic way.  We thrive when we are in nature, especially by the ocean and mountains, why?…because of the high level of Negative Ions in the air and on the earth in these environments.

There’s been a lot of study around this but basically Negative Ions are created naturally in nature as air molecules from wind and rain.   They say that the surf pounding onto the coast create Negative Ions and that we even experience them after thunderstorms.

These Ions stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which controls digestion, relaxation and sleep.  If you’ve ever taken a walk on the beach, sat by a waterfall, walked in the forests or just dug your fingers into the earth in your garden you’ve experienced the magickal power of Negative Ions.  They make you feel good, affecting us both physically and emotionally.  Negative Ions are tasteless, odorless invisible molecules that are abundant in the air around certain environments like beaches, waterfalls, forest, during thunderstorms and in the earth.

When we are in man made environments, like our homes, buildings and cities we are surrounded by pollutants, smoke, electronics, ie computers, television, air conditioners and heating systems, which deplete the Negative ions leaving us bombarded by Positive Ions.  Which stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.  Studies have shown that they are the cause of irritability, depression, tension, lethargy, insomnia, and even colds and other respiratory conditions.  Like everything in life, Balance is key!

Diffusing oils that ionize negatively balance the ions in the air within our spaces, counteracting the effects of the Positive Ions mentioned, shifting our mood and offering a much more stress free environment.

Negative ionizing oils include:

Bergamot, Citronella, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Lemongrass, Lavender, Lavandin, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Pachouli.

Purifying the air…

When we use a cold mist diffuser it doesn’t damage or change the chemical make up of the Essential Oils as heating the oil does, heating them really makes them useless.   So, when you combined the Negative Ions with the, purifying, germ-destroying, and naturally cleansing properties along with ability to fight against unwanted bacteria or pathogens properties of the oil molecules, these mix with the air in our spaces, killing airborne and surface bacteria…talk about side benefits, huh!

My favorite blends…

You can make some amazing scents combining these oils and the benefits are ten folds. You can also blend them with other favorite oils.  Some of my favorite diffusing combos are:

Wild Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit

Bergamot, Lavender, Lemon

Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Lavender

Lavender, Pachouli, Sandalwood

and this one…Bergamot, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang, though this oil isn’t on the Negative Ions list…it’s a powerful support for releasing emotional past trauma.  So have fun and access your wild creativeness.

A note on high quality oils…

When you are looking for physical and emotional results from using essential oils you want to make sure you are using high quality therapeutic essential oils.  Do your research, two of my main requirements when it comes to essential oils is…first, I want to know where the oils come from, how they are processed and be able to look up the specific testing done on that oil.  Second, I want to make sure that the company I choose is practicing in what I call right relationship with mother Earth and those who make the oils accessible to me.  What does that mean…they are practicing sustainable harvesting and right energy exchange for the labor that goes into providing me that oil.   Connect with me if you want to learn more about the company I partner with!

Give these blend a try and comment below which blends are your favorite!  Follow me on Instagram to see what oil blends I’m diffusing and why.

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