Infusing your Creative Practice

By now you all know how much emphasis I put on living a vibrant juicy life. I believe having a Creative Practice is another pillar in nurturing our Mind, Body and Soul.  It allows us to tap into our creative energy, creating changes in our stories and the way we’ve always been showing up to do things. I wanted to share how I take my Creative Practices up a notch by using Essential Oils, as well as extend an invitation for you to join me on a creative venture.

First, let’s talk about why…

Why add Essential Oils to our Creative Practices? For me my Creative Practice is about getting out of my left brain, my ego self, and connecting to my right brain, my higher self. I go to the canvas or my art journal when I need to move energy, transform emotions and consciousness from one form to another. I started my painting practice in 2010 when I learned how powerful art can be for healing. Now, I’m exploring how powerful it can be in creating the art that is my life through showing up with the intention of allowing Spirit to speak to me through imagery and symbols. High quality Essential Oils have a high life force or vibration, using them puts us in a higher vibrational state. This allows us to connect to our heart, to pure love, our higher-self.

Now let’s talk about how…

How to use the Essential oils in your Creative Practices. I love diffusing them while I’m creating, I choose scents to promote creativity, usually Citrusy ones. Like Wild Orange, Oil of Abundance, or Citrus Bliss, our Invigorating blend, Oil of Creativity.

I also infuse my Art spray water bottle with Essential Oils. I label it my “Divine Love and Inspiration” blend. I change up the scents I use depending on my mood, but most always add some Sandalwood, Oil of Sacred Devotion, to the bottle. I spray water on my canvas or pages when I art, adding the Essential Oils infuses my art with a higher vibration too! When I use watercolors, I wet my paints and paper using my scented spray bottle.

Lastly, of course I wear oils all the time, so when I art, I like wearing oils that support me like Bergamot. Oil of Self-Love, Clary Sage, Oil of Clarity & Vision, and Geranium, Oil of Love & Trust just to name a few.

So, What if…

What if, you gave yourself 8-10 mins a day (more if you want) to put color to paper and see what unfolds?  What if, you let go of attachment to the outcome and let your soul communicate through color, symbol and imagery? What if, you infuse your art space, your art or even yourself with Essential Oils to raise your vibration and help you connect with your higher self?  What if,  you carve out some time for a Creative Practice?

Want to give it a try?

I invite you to join me on a 21-day Painting Meditation Challenge, led by my mentor and friend Whitney Freya.  You’ll have access to our FB group and join others on a journey to tap into their creative side.

Whether you’ve always wanted to paint but never have or you are already painting, this 21-day challenge will be a wonderful way to get you centered and grounded in your own creative flow.

Did you know that Scientific research has proven that creative and meditative activity produces the same brain waves?  We will be immersing ourselves in pure color, sound and flow as we explore watercolors!  

Are you ready?

We start April 8th. Sign up HERE.

Gather your supplies…

~ Pelikan Watercolor Set I love how gorgeous and bold these are. These are my go to watercolors and the same colors Whitney uses in the videos. But you don’t have to use watercolors, you can use pastels, markers, acrylics…what ever calls to you!

~ Watercolor Journal I enjoy making my own journals but before I did I used Strathmore journal, which is the one you will see Whitney. The paper is thick and it’s spiral bound.

~ Watercolor brushes Any kind of watercolor brush will do. This set is nice and affordable.


~Masking Fluid Whitney uses masking fluid to create sacred symbols for the base of some of the exercises.

~ A set of Artual Sacred Symbol Stencils. Whitney will be exploring each of these symbols starting in Day #8 of our challenge. You do not NEED them to participate, it’s another way to add a layer of the energy you desire into your paintings.

I’ll see you there!


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