Wild Creative Magick ~ Sacred Practice Series

I practice Wild Creative Magick…

It’s what I call my creative practice…yes, that too is sacred.  When life becomes too much…we need little reminders to feel it, acknowledge it and let it move through us.  I do it with art…and my senses.  I create Sacred Space, pull some Affirmation word cards (I made) and acknowledge my feelings by writing it all out. I use essential oil scented water, paint brushes and sometimes even my fingers and transform it.

I’m a creative at heart, all sorts of creativity feed my soul.  About 10 years ago I was introduced to exploring my emotions through art with Tamara Laporte.  She was my first art mentor and still inspires me to this day.  I’ve done a lot of inner work on my spiritual and healing journey through the use of art.

Today, I’m exploring manifesting through art.  Through the teachings of another art mentor Whitney Freya.  I’ve learned how to access our multi-dimensional selves and manifest our desires.

It’s another tool to use to co-create our reality.  I’m a true believer that we need to feel and move through our emotions.  I’m also a true believer that we are co-creators of our life, and we have unlimited possibilities.

Both of these practices have been valuable tools in my medicine bag.  Keep an eye out as I will be share more about creating a sacred arting practice to help you shift and transform energies, vibrations, emotions and consciousness from one form or another and create the life you want!

Want more now?

Explore your emotions through art…visit Willowing Arts, with Tamara Laporte…she inspired me to heal through art.

Explore how to use the canvas as a portal to create the art that is your life…visit Whitney Freya.

And keep your eye out for my up coming offerings on inviting some Wild Creative Magick into your life!

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