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Holiday Emotional & Energetic Support

One of the lessons I walked away with this past weekend in our Warrior Goddess Facilitator training with HeatherAsh Amara, was to feel into our communities and see what is needed and then show up with support.

Last night I had my first Book Club

gathering with a couple of friends. We explored the Warrior Goddess Training book which has shifted so much in my inner world these past few months. During our gathering, I walked them through a beautiful meditation that I weaved together from both my experience last weekend at the Warrior Goddess Wisdom Firewalk (yes I walked on Fire) and a meditation taught to me by Chris Maddox my Wild Woman Project mentor/teacher.

The meditation brought to mind how the Fir family Essential Oils are excellent this time of year to support us in clearing old generational agreements, stories, negative generational patterns, and family issues, as well as, difficult transitions, grief, loss, lineage karma, well, you get the picture.  These emotions can create cords, tears, and leakages in our Energetic Field.  This can show up in many ways, like confusion, fatigue and even make us predisposed to things like adrenal fatigue; keeping us stuck in survival mode. On my healing journey, I have learned how our health is a physical manifestation of the energetic life we live. So, I thought I’d share a little about these oils with you all.

I’ve been using Essential Oils

for 20+ years and in the past 10 years I’ve delved deep into their Emotional and Energetic support. It is so vast and I learn more and more as I get curious and use the oils, as well as “stalk” myself, really be present with my thought, emotions and the stories the rise. So, I like to sit with the oils and create blends to support the Mind, Body, and Soul and this time of year is a perfect time to bring in some Essential Oil support.

Some of the oils I use this time of year are:

White Fir ~ Generational Healing. It addresses patterns and traditions passed down from family member to family member. Some of these patterns are positive, while others are not. White Fir increases the individual’s chances of success by bringing up negative patterns to the surface so the individual can address them and heal them or let them go. In addition, this oil promotes positive healthy patterns, creating new pathways, and promotes spiritual protection.

Douglas Fir ~ Generational Wisdom. Shares similar qualities to White Fir, however, Douglas fir has a long life span and is considered the oldest and wiser of the two trees.  Invites us to break free from destructive traditions, opening us up to live life according to our own conscience and values releasing patterns that do not serve us.  All the while encouraging us to respect our ancestral heritage, knowing there is valuable wisdom to be obtained by learning from the past.  Increasing the bond within one’s family.

Siberian Fir ~ Aging and Perspective. It addresses generational healing from the perspective of the mature. As we age, we develop a mature awareness to see life through different eyes. By this season of life, we’ve experienced losses of many kinds. Siberian fir comforts and supports us during times of grief, regret, and longing. Aiding us in the reconciliation process of a life full of mixed experiences. Invoking honesty and gentleness with ourselves.

Now while Bergamot and Petitgrain are not firs, they do provide their own support during this time of year. 

Bergamot ~ Self-Acceptance. Relieves feelings of self-judgment inviting us to embrace self-acceptance and self-love.  It helps cleanse stagnant feelings helping us clear limiting beliefs. While also awakening our soul to hope and offers us encouragement to explore and share our inner self. Encouraging us to let go of self-judgment and truly loving ourselves unconditionally.

Petitgrain ~ Ancestry. Invokes gratitude for positive forms of our ancestral wisdom, knowledge, and history.  And supports us to become conscious of generational wounds that need healing. We all carry stories, from our lineage in our genetics, as well as through inherited traditions. Petitgrain illuminates the eternal connection that we have with our previous generations and those to come. It shines a bright light on complicated family history, supporting us to heal family wounds. Inviting healthy awareness and balance as we accept our ancestry and find peace and clarity, within the wisdom of our lineage.

Just wearing these oils on your person or clothing, before connecting with family (like in the upcoming holidays)  we can help support healing past generational karma and family lineage karma on an energetic level.

You can also diffuse them as they not only support healing at an emotional and energetic level but also provide a fresh inviting forest scent as if you were walking out in an evergreen forest.

Here’s the blend I’m currently diffusing:

  • 3 drop Petitgrain
  • 2 drops each of White Fir and Douglas Fir

Read more on how to purchase these oils at wholesale prices.

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(Inspired by Emotions and Essential oils)