Why RV Living…


Meet Gypsy Moon our new RV! (2018 update, we have a 5th wheel now)  Had you told us a month ago that we’d own a 33′ RV and that we’d be planning on living in it for a few months or possibly a year traveling around I’d of said…”What?!?!”.

But here we are…

making plans to do just that.  How did we get here?  Well, life has a way of surprising you…just when you think you got it, you are living the life you think you want, you wake up and realize it’s not so.  That’s how it’s shown up for us at least.  How’s that saying go, you plan and God laughs…yeah that’s it.

Six months ago my life as I knew it was no more…

and suddenlywell, actually it all started six months earlier, with the loss of my day job, the loss of my beloved pets (who’ve been with me for close to 2 decades), ending six months ago when I went through a deep betrayal.  It was the darkest night of my soul and I share about it in a previous blog.  No need to get into it on this post.

So, the way I see it, it’s a stripping away of what no longer serves us…and with that goes our lifestyle too. I’m a true believer in the lessons we are here to learn, and if we ignore them or are oblivious to them…well, the Universe provides amply situations for us to see them and learn from them…for me this past year’s journey has been the hardest and the most eye opening.

Releasing what no longer serves us…

I’ve read about this in many places, from releasing emotional stuff to material stuff that no longer serves our life or our purpose.  If you don’t know by now, you will soon realize, from my personal journey posts, what spirituality, finding our voice and coming home to our true authentic self means to me.  But for now let’s talk about how Gypsy Moon came to be.

Why choose to live full-time in an RV…

Because we want to enjoy life now, not when and if we get to retirement years.  After loosing my “day” job, and dealing with my health issues, well finances got tough, being tied down to a huge mortgage, 60 hour work weeks, and if we manage to have a retirement fund, we’d then get to travel and enjoy life just wasn’t our thing.  You see we are both adventurous and love to explore new places.  Doug was a Wilderness Instructor for a good part of his life, and being out in nature and exploring the world is in my blood!  So, we decided to put our Ranch, on the market and downsize.  Really down size.  

We purchased a Travel Trailer and are committing to living in it for the next 6 months, if not possibly longer, while getting finances in order and finding our next home.  If all pans out, this will allow us to pay off debt, minimize and simplify our lives, as well as, allow us to take our time in finding our next home.







I feel this venture will have many benefits…

 For one, we will have to downsize…what better way to get rid of the material things that no longer serve you than to downsize to a smaller living situation.  I also believe it will allow for more family time, doing things together then the usual scenario of being distracted by TV, and other electronics.  Oh, of course we will still have access to internet, since our livelihood is online, but we will also have access to nature in all its beauty, from mountains, to oceansides to everything in between.  And having to actively move your home around, set up and break down each time as a team and live together in a much smaller dwelling, well, I believe it too makes for a closer knit family.

Lastly, finances, saving on mortgage amongst other bills, will help us continue to save for our next home, which just sweetens the deal for us.  Granted some think you have to be a trust fund baby, retired or have won the lottery in order to be traveling and living in an RV full-time.  But that’s not true.  Both my husband and I have online businesses…meaning so long as there is an Internet access we can continue working.  And if you google RV fulltiming you will be surprise, as I was, how many young couples and families are doing just that, making a living on the road.

For us selling our current home, letting go of our old lifestyle, paying off  debt and taking on this adventure is exactly what we need, what we all need.

Why the name Gypsy Moon…

well, for as long as I can remember I was always considerGypsyMoonTirecovered a Gypsy…from my friends to my dad who called me a Gypsy a lot growing up…due to my wild hair, my wild soul and free spirit.   Though he did it in a derogatory way, meaning he didn’t approve of me, I like it. Because it was true…I have a Gypsy Soul, always have, even when I denied it and tried to be “normal” to fit in. I’ve always wanted to travel, dreaming about buying a van and traveling around the 50 states.  But like with the rest of us, life happens, responsibilities grow and our wildness gets tamed.  Well, it’s time for this gal to reclaim her wildness.

Gypsy to me is seeking adventure…and Moon, well, I have an affinity with the Moon.  You’ll understand when you visit my MoonlightLiving.com website or my Creations by Moonlight Shop or our Moonsong Fiberworks shop 😉  Anyway, to us Moon had to be in the name and Gypsy Moon couldn’t be a better choice!

And so, it is…

none of us, unfortunately, are thriving in this town which we came to call home 2 years ago.  That includes our youngest who the school system here has totally failed him.  I already had been looking into homeschooling and enrolled him in an online school.

When we put the house on the market and started looking around for our next home, we quickly realized how we were falling into that whole rat race again and asked, what if we purchased an RV and traveled around for a few months this summer?  That thought led to what if we do it for a year, since I was already considering homeschooling my youngest, why not Roadschooling?

Now remember what I said at the beginning of this post about having plans… well, the biggest lessons I’ve learned this past year are…

~ go with the flow

~ follow your intuition, you’ll know if you are on the right path

~ don’t get attached to the out come

~ and be open to Divine intervention

For now this feels right and we are moving in that direction, what will happen has yet to unfold as we await the sale of the home and enjoy long weekend get-a-ways.

2018 UPDATE:  We’ve been on the road for a little over a year now…in which time we decided that living on the road was where we want to be for a while.  So…meet Luna Bella

2019 UPDATE:  We’ve been investing in Solar the past two years.  As of this Spring we are officially fully self sustained between upgrading our Solar by adding more panels and batteries and carrying a water bladder and 4-6gal jugs.  We can now boondock for 2 weeks straight at a time.  I can even use my Ninja mixer!

We’ve been boondocking from the Mountains to the Deserts.