The Adventure Begins


     Well six months and three offers later, two of which fell through…we have finally sold and said goodbye to our beautiful homestead and are hitting the road.  Six months ago we decided we wanted to travel and explore Oregon more before settling down again.  And once we do, we plan on having a much smaller place, simplifying our lives.

     The journey up to this point has been long and for me trying.  As I’m also still finding my way back to myself.  It’s been 2yrs now of constant letting go and lose. This move is a new beginning in many ways. What it holds is a lot of change and many opportunities to Walk in Beauty.

     We decided to sleep in the RV on our last night on the land.  Would have much rather slept outside on Mother Earth but appropriately so, it rained all through the night…to me it was a much needed washing away of the past and clearing the way for our new start.

     Our first stop…Harris Beach State Park Campground, one of our favorites during our practice runs.  It welcomed us with rain and it’s been ra
ining nonstop …torrential rains. Today though, the rains stopped and the winds picked up and we sort of welcomed it just to get a break from all the wetness.

     So far, our RV experience is all new…different.  Knowing that our home is where we park it is fun anthanksgivingd exciting.  But adjusting to a tiny home after living in a 2,750 ft home with two levels, well it takes some getting used to.  But I managed to make our first Thanksgiving dinner on the road!  Navigating the small
oven and using both it and the toaster oven seemed to get the job done.  Of course like with any other Holiday dinner, there were loads of dishes to wash and plenty of left overs believe it or not.

     As I said before I don’t know what all lies ahead, in fact, this actually is in line with my commitment to Walk in Beauty…to trust.  The last several months, all I’ve been able to do is only see the next couple steps, thats it…no big plans and no looking back with regrets.  Sometimes I forget and find myself in fear.  To be honest it’s not easy for me to trust. Having had so much hardship and disappointment, feeling I can only count on myself to get me through,  this is new, it’s different, every day I have to make the conscious choice to Walk in Beauty.  Being the passionate and emotional soul I am with such an intense life force…being independent and counting on myself has come easy.  Now it’s time to shift things and learn the lessons I’m here to learn through love not fear.  The challenges and lessons are not going to go away…but I can meet them and move through them with Grace and Ease as long as I choose to Walk in Beauty, everyday, every moment.

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