Turtle Rock Resort

Turtle Rock

We found a great deal through Passport America for this sweet resort.  It’s one we’ve been wanting to check out last summer but the rates were out of our budget. We were able to book a site for 2 weeks, and were hoping to get some good days to explore the beach.  Unfortunately, it rained all but 3-4 days.  We still explored it, it’s a nice private beach with lots of stones and agates. Kaia enjoyed her daily walks on the beach and Keagan had fun commanding the rough waves after the storms.

The park itself was really nice, well kept, clean bathrooms and showers.  Nice clean laundry facilities.  The ladies at the office were great and Nancy the Manager was really informative and wonderful.  Despite all the rain we had a great time here, so much so that we are taking advantage of their Winter rates and staying here again after we come back up from Cali. We had Site 45 which backed up to the Hunter Creek which was beautiful and the wildlife around it was fun to watch. We could hear and see the ocean just past the highway bridge.  The traffic wasn’t loud at all the ocean seemed to drown most of it out, less the big rigs engine breaks that would sound out every once in a while.  All in all it was a peaceful quite place to hang out.

Tomorrow we head south for Winter break and for two months.  We plan on visiting Chelsi our daughter, who we don’t get to see very often, due to the miles between us. We were able to get approved for a 2 month out of state stay from Keagan school.  He’ll be going back to school after Winter break of course but attending it from Cali instead.  I’ll be posting more about his amazing school year so far and the great staff at ORCA, Oregon Connections Academy.

Oh, today we applied for our Continuous Travel domicile status with Oregon through Brookings.  Doug did a lot of research on how to remain residents of Oregon but still be able to do our travels.  There’s a lot to lean about Fulltiming it…but we’re learning.  We know we want to eventually settle down on the coast here, somewhere between Brookings and Langlois, but for now we want to explore, save and really get to know this area before settling down again, so we wanted to remain Oregon residents, this was the way to do it.

Catch ya next week when we explore Russian River RV Campground, it will be our first experience with Thousand Trails!

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