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Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul…

In 2012, during a mediation, I got what I like to call a download, which took my life in a whole new direction. I’m a creative at heart, I love all forms of creativity. At the time I was a Mama business Goddess sharing my jewelry artisan skills and offering adornments through Creations by Moonlight, to help us tap into the healing energy of crystals and gems.  But after this awakening, I began to expand and grown in various ways and Spirit began to lead me in another direction.  I became a Reiki Master, a Wellness Advocate/Holistic Life Coach, as well as an ARTbundance™ Coach.  I’ve studied Energy work and Card Reading all from living in a space of being open and allowing Source to guide me…thus Moonlight Living  blossomed  into existence, all out of my desire to share the gifts of self healing and self discovery that I had experienced on my journey. I stepped into exploring how to nurture our Mind, Body and Soul, through the art of Alchemy. I explored how transforming Energies, Vibrations, Emotions and Consciousness from one form to another promoted alignment to help us achieve our most vibrant juicy life.

My journey deepened in 2015…

as I put together the Sparkling Goddess Series ebook and the Discovery Journal. I felt called to open up and be seen, to share more about myself so others could see how I came to be here, in hopes that it would help others see that if I could do this work, they could too.  We all deserve to live our most Vibrant Juicy life, but getting there, can be a struggle for some of us.  As I say in the journal, there are always going to be layers to shed, that’s what makes us grow and expand in ways we never imagined, but the key is in how we deal with these layers, when they call to be shed. Then soon after…I went through the darkest night of my soul.

“Before any true growth or healing can occur, there must be a process of destruction and complete annihilation of everything you thought would bring you happiness.” ~LonerWolf

That’s exactly how it felt, my world as I knew it was no more. From losing my beloved familiars to being laid off of my “day job”, to going through a betrayal and ending with having to give up our Alpaca Ranch. These were big life changes, all within a year. We found ourselves living a new lifestyle as a full-time family on the road. I spent the next 2 1/2 years unbecoming all that isn’t me…Living Wild and Sacred was birthed and my journey continues.

I’ve gathered many tools in my medicine bag. My hope has always been to share these tools with those like me who’s struggle with choosing Love over Fear. For a while I felt like a fraud, because I still had moments when I felt like I would take 3 steps forward only to fall 2 steps back again. But soon I realized it was more like a spiral. We unfurl like a rose as more light shines in…spiraling deeper into our healing journey. Yes, our “noise” can sneak back in and we may find that we’ve triggered a wound we thought was healed…but some wounds go deep and we get to heal them from different perspectives. With each unfurling we are more aware, more awake, we have more tools to help us choose Love over Fear, again and again.

All of these wounds…

the traumas, struggles, stresses puts a toll on our bodies. I’ve become a true believer that dis-ease is a physical manifestation of our energetic life. I saw how much I aged in the first year after my dark night of the soul. My inner spark was hardly a glowing ember. I saw how my body felt so tired that I found myself asking “Why, what’s the point?”. And I saw my well being decline. But something called to me to keep going…my story wasn’t over yet…and so I keep going. Little by little I keep shifting, expanding, growing.

A year ago, after my annual physical I was given 2 medical labels, and I was asked to start medications I didn’t want to start taking. Why? Because I knew where that was heading, once we start on drugs we find ourselves taking drugs for the side effects of the first drugs. So no, instead, I chose to do some research, say no to synthetic drugs and find a way to heal my body naturally. At the time I felt resistance from my doc, my daughter…I knew the road ahead wasn’t going to be easy and that now more than ever I needed my tools and then some to move through this. I also had faith that if I supported my body it would start healing itself.

I already was aware of the importance of nurturing my mind and soul…and body, at least I knew the importance of movement and nutrition. But as I researched deeper, I came to realize just how much lack of nutrition is being offered in our food.

So my journey began. First finding essential nutrients my body needed, then choosing a healthier lifestyle…making smart food choices and moving my body more often (as much as my fibromyalgia allowed). But it also included really committing to Sacred Practices, using tools that would help me face my shadow. There is so much more to healing ourselves than just at a physical level, we also need to heal our soul. It’s no easy task, it takes commitment. Fear is our default, choosing Love isn’t always easy. But what I’ve learned is we have a choice…we always have a choice.

Today, I had a win…it’s a year later and my hard work is paying off. My lab work had great results when it came in today, in it I found that both the Glucose and Thyroid levels are now within normal range and I did it naturally between the research I did and the education and support I got from the docs in my oil family team, I did it without the synthetic drugs. My blood pressure is managed, and so many other symptoms have just disappeared. No more migraines, IBS, restless legs, oh I can go on and on. I still have a ways to go on my healing journey, don’t we all, so I continue to do my work. Because in the end no one is going to do it for us.

I can’t stress enough the importances of nurturing our Mind, Body and Soul. I truly believe that our health should equal our life span.  We all deserve to live a vibrant juicy life.

I invite you to connect with me if you want to learn more. Reach out and journey with me. I would love to coach and support you as you too journey to living the vibrant juicy life you deserve too!