Full Moon in Sagittarius 1

Sagittarius the archer half horse, half man. A Fiery truth seeker graces us on this last Full Moon of Spring, with the Summer Solstice right around the corner.

It’s “…a time of initiations, moving us into a mutable energy of expansion.” And “…we must ground our beautiful dreams in truth and keep asking ourselves what that is and feels like for us.”  MysticMamma‘s sharing for this Full Moon, rang true for us in our Creatively Fit Coaching tribe, as we are rounding out our training and sharing it with world.

Tonight I shared my Full Moon musings with a few close friends in my first virtual Full Moon Howl.  An extension of our Wild Woman Project where we circle around on the New Moon. The Full Moon is more light hearted and fun. Despite the challenges of understanding the technical aspects of having a virtual circle we had a good time sharing, inspiring and supporting each other.

I know for me…

connecting with my truth and getting out of my own way is huge right now.  As I try to live into and feel into how I want to encompass all I’ve learned and pay it forward to others who struggle as I have with pushing through limiting beliefs and shining our light. 

My focus has been on healing my own stories, limiting beliefs, demons. One thing I’ve learned for sure on my own journey is how we all have our demons, some of us aren’t even aware of them, while others though aware, are still learning how to rise above them.  Presence and Awareness have been on the forefront as of late. All we can do is stay present, remembering every day is a new beginning, (keep showing up) not allowing ourselves to get stuck in the past or the future isn’t easy but it’s something to strive for every day and of course doing our best.  Awareness is the first step in personal growth, and it’s key. If we can’t see how our limiting beliefs are holding us back or affecting our lives in some way, we can’t make room for growth.

Full Moon Blend

As you know every Full and New Moon I like tuning in to their energy and seeing what oils speak to me for support. The oils that spoke to me this Full Moon are:

Frankincense: Oil of Truth.  Supports us in releasing lower vibrations and in doing so allowing us to connect to our inner light, creating an opening for new perspectives based on our inner truth.

Roman Chamomile: Oil of Spiritual Purpose.  Helps us tune in and discover our life purpose as well as assists us in connecting with and feel the support of our our divine helpers and guides.

Blue Tansy: Oil of Inspired Action.  It invites us to manifest our passion into action, accept what is and move forward and through our challenges.  It demands purposeful action to achieve our fullest potential.

Remember you can blend these and diffuse them or even dilute and wear them…to support you in releasing what needs to be let go. I had it diffusing during our virtual circle and before as I was exploring this theme.

I invite you…

to pull out your journals and explore these questions:

~Where are you pointing your Sagittarian arrow? What is your focus on this Full Moon? 

~What are you releasing so you can achieve your highest potential?

I’ll be sharing some upcoming Moon Circles and a painting workshop to invite you in creating your own Sacred Painting Process to connect to your own inner knowing and guidance. Be sure we are connected on Facebook and if you haven’t already, do sign up for my Moonlit Pearls of Inspiration newsletter…and get your free Sparkling Goddess Series and journal.

Resources: Emotions and Essential oils book, MysticMamma.com

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One thought on “Full Moon in Sagittarius

  • Trece Wyman

    This post was spot on for me, being a Sagittarian. I agree about the importance of Awareness and Presence, all the more because I have been blind, for a very long time, to my crap. I do and say a lot of things that have offended my family, and now I need to start making things right. Thanks also for the oil recipe. I need to get Blue Tansy! Love and blessings, Trece