New Moon in Cancer…

This New Moon also carries energy from a Solar Eclipse, though only visible by our southern hemi friends. It’s in nurturing, heartfelt, watery, Moon-ruled Cancer. It graces us with its Feminine energy, instinctual, intuitive, emotional, receptive and nurturing.  The theme introduced by our Wild Woman Leader’s share is that it invites us to turn our hearts towards “home”…calling us to bring loving presence, intimacy and attention to our relationships with our homes.  Calling me to explore my relationship with my body, my physical home and our Mother Earth. 

If your body could talk to you, what would it say?…

Being comfortable with ourselves, in our own skin, isn’t easy for some of us.  I know on my own healing journey, as I become more present and aware, I’m having to make friends with parts of me that have been in the shadows for way to along. Those parts of myself that contribute to the health of my body. I spent the past year coming home to my body, nurturing it back to health. For those of us that have experienced levels of abuse…it adds yet another layer to work through. It calls for us to be more compassionate with ourselves, more understanding, and more forgiving. We can start honoring our bodies by seeing them as our temples here on this plane.

If your home could talk to you, what would it say?…

When I look at home as my physical dwelling, I’ve come to realize how living on the road has deepened our relationship with one another in our small family unit. There was a time growing up where home didn’t feel safe, likewise when I went through betrayal, a few years ago, the feeling of not being safe in my own home haunted me. Through forgiveness I’ve found my way through the fear and the pain. I also think of our appreciation for our home on wheels and all it provides for us.  The freedom we are able to experience of not being tied down to the crazy rat race of work, commuting, etc is something we are truly grateful for. We’ve been able to explore so much of this country, its lands and its people, living on the road.

If Mother Earth spoke to you, what would she say?…

As I explore home as in our Mother Earth…I know that its in her arms, be it the mountains, forests or especially by the ocean that I feel most at home. I feel a sense of peace, ease…I feel connected. I also realize how our choice to live on the road has us being even more conscious of our carbon foot print on her.  We are powered by Solar now, we had been looking into doing this on the Ranch years ago, the initial investment is something to consider but in the long run it’s worth it. It took something and time for us to get here, though we don’t have top of the line equipment, what we do have now allows us to be fully self sustainable. Also, we’ve become even more aware of energy and water conservation than we were before. And of course we are grateful and honor the lands we travel through and bodies of waters we stand by. We’ve been known to pick up litter in some dispersed camping sites that was left behind by previous temporary tenants. It’s a shame to litter on these beautiful places that we are privileged to be able to camp on and enjoy.

So, what is your personal definition of Home?

How do you feel when you are at home?

These are the oils that called to me on this New Moon…each representing the three “homes” we connect to.  Hope you enjoy diffusing them as you explore the meaning of home and journal with these questions in mind.

Pachouli ~ Oil of Physicality, becoming fully present in our bodies, our body, our temple our home.  Assists us in stilling the heart and mind allowing for deeper union of Body and Spirit.

Lavender ~  Oil of Communication & Calm, it supports us in releasing tension and constriction. A harmonizing oil both stimulant and sedative.  It encourages honesty and supports us in speaking our truth.

Myrrh ~ Oil of Mother Earth. Known as one of the 7 Sacred oils of Egypt. It supports us in feeling the nurturing presence of our Mother Earth. Allowing us to feel safe in the world and rekindling trust in our hearts.

Invitations to take action…

Write your body a love note…really, take a moment to honor your body and all it has done and does for you.

Walk in each room/area of your home and do something to care for it. I have a little something tucked here and there, to bring in some magick and invite the sacred into each room.

Make one radical change in your relationship to Mother Earth. Some examples would be start composting it’s great for the garden, vow to only get clothes second hand, buy meat and dairy from small local farms, etc.

You can even stand up for our Mother Earth, help protect her and her children. Here’s an article I came across and was moved to support…when we gather together we can move mountains…

Stand up for the Amazon. Take action to defend a Rainforest our planet depends on it!

Inspired by the teaching of the and Emotions and Essential Oils

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