Plant Allies ~ Sacred Practice Series

I have always been deeply connected to nature, I thrive when I’m surrounded by it, be it in the forest, mountain top or ocean. I know that is one of the biggest reasons our Nomad lifestyle is so good for all of us.  There’s this great Youtube video on Nature Rx…

“Tired, irritable, stressed out? TRY NATURE RX .” I love it!

As I’m completing my current cleanse I wanted to take a moment and share what I have learned thus far regarding our everyday life choices.  We all do our best to eat right, exercise etc, but in order for us to thrive and obtain optimal well-being we need to restore physical and mental well being.  We can do this through getting rid of environmental toxins, and cleansing our bodies…Essential oils can help us do this on many levels.  My research into natural solutions for healthcare has revealed so much to me.  Like for example, plants and humans are perfect symbionts beyond just the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide; and that Labs can not duplicate nature’s creations.  I have found much healing through plant medicines throughout my life and now more than ever people are seeing this too and are turning to them as well.

I remember years ago my friend was over and asked, “do you really use all those herbs and spices?” I have been known to have a large variety of herbs and spices at hand…and yes, I did used each and every one of them in meals, as well as teas, tinctures etc. Once we moved into the RV, I had to be selective in which ones to bring with me and figure out a creative way to store my must have culinary ones.

I also use Essential oils…

being the aromatic compounds of barks, seeds, roots, fruits and flowers of plants, it is the most pure and potent form of Plant Spirit Medicine.  They have been replacing all of my home cleaning, body care, and healthcare needs for years now.  I’ve even learning to cook with them as well!

We are all on a healing journey of some sort, there is always something we are working on.  Essential oils support us both on a physical and emotional level.  Using them on my healing journey is a must, they support us in so many ways.  Aside from taking some blends internally, I also use them, topically and through inhalation either direct or by diffusing, for their health benefits.

And Whole Food Nutrients…

We are well aware of the importance of taking whole food nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. There is plenty of studies every where now about the gut/brain connection. Plants are loaded with phytonutrients which not only help us repair our gut and brains, they help us create an exceptional state of health. We need whole food nutrients in our gut to have a healthy brain. And no matter how healthy our diet is, we are not getting the valuable nutrients we need.  Our produce is depleted from the nutrients we need.  Even our medical providers encourage us to take supplements because they are well aware no one gets all the nutrients needed from just our food source.

But did you know…

that for a vitamin to be labeled “natural” in the stores, even whole food stores, that only ten percent actually has to be natural? The other 90% can be and most likely is synthetic! That’s not surprising to me.  Even though Labs use “natural” minerals derived from rocks…our bodies can’t absorb it. This is another place where our plant allies come in, they absorb these nutrients from the soil and convert them so they are bioavailable to our bodies.

I’m surprised how few people take a really good look at what’s in the nutrients they take, the body and skin products they use, the ingredients in the foods they purchase or even the products they bring into their home to keep it clean?  Do your research, know what you are putting on and in your body…those synthetics wreck havoc on our hormones in sooo many ways. We are exposed to enough toxins which are out of our control, don’t you want to limit those we can control?

By taking daily whole food supplements we are feeding our bodies and brains what they need to thrive.   That’s the kind of essential supplements you will find in the LifeLong Vitality pack. I have found the truest transformation happens when we combined nourished cells with essential oil chemistry.

I know exactly what…

is in the products I use because I don’t have to do the research, the company I partner with and trust does it, as they are committed to providing the highest quality and purity in their products. That information is readily available at my fingertips. I have access to Product Information Pages, Key Studies done, FAQs and even the Concept behind each product I purchase.

I also know that, that is the reason why I’ve had such amazing results in healing this body of mine. I’ve been using essential oils in one form or another for over 23 years, it wasn’t until I used these products that I’ve seen the difference purity makes. We only get one body and it does a lot for us while we are here experiencing life. I’ve come to know how important it is for me for it’s health to equal my life span.

Lean more about the Essential oils and products I use and recommend for therapeutic support.

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