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I was raised with an understanding of alternative healing.  Being from South America Curanderas (healers) were part of my family lineage.  Although I ended up in the traditional western medical profession as a young adult, I continued to turn to natural herbal remedies first.  I’m a highly sensitive person, not just emotionally but I found my body was just as sensitive and didn’t respond well to medications.  So when I came across Essential Oils and learned how much more potent they were then the dried herbs I was intrigued. I started using them along with my herbs and tinctures and found myself always on the search for the highest quality Essential Oils.  Though I tried various brands, it wasn’t until I found doTERRA that I found a company I could trust.

When I chose dōTERRA, it was out of the necessity of needing the highest quality, and most potent Essential oils I could find to support my families and my healthcare needs.  This was after years of searching, I’ve only been with dōTERRA 2012, but I have been using essential oils for over 25.

When I was first introduced to doTERRA…

you bet I had amazing results…why? Because these are natural medicinals, pure and potent.  I already had done my research and known their potential, what I had yet to find was a company that provided pure and potent therapeutic quality oils.  I knew our synthetic medicinals originally derived mostly from plants and fungi, well others are from species, such as frogs and snakes and even bacteria, so I knew plants equal natural healing.  So, yes after having great results I naturally took a good look at the company, and the more I read, the more I knew it was right to partner with this company. 

Yes, it’s an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)…and trust me as an HSP who is an introvert and suffers from anxiety, well, let’s just say network marketing is not the line of business I would ever see myself in.  Yet, here I am.  But…did you know that the founders weren’t even sure if they wanted to be a network company?  They actually explored just putting these oils for retail on shelves but soon realized that, that would be a dis-service not only to the oils and wellness products but the public in general, by not offering proper education.  That’s worth repeating…they thought it would be a dis-service not only to the oils and wellness products but to the public in general, by not offering proper education.  So, they chose to sell their oils and wellness products through a network of wellness advocates or health coaches etc., to not only introduce these to others but also guide them through the healthy lifestyle change they are choosing.

That said my choice to partner with dōTERRA is two folds…

It stems from wanting to align with a company that was in itself in alignment with being a force in the world, to be of service and right relationship or right “Livelyhood” as Dr. Mica Carew calls it.  My own spiritual practices lean heavily on being in right relationship with all relations, the two-legged, four-legged, finned, winged and creepy crawlers, as well as in right relationship with plant and rock, respecting the energy that lives in all things.  When I gardened I worked with the moon phases and new there was a time for everything.  Even in Chinese medicine, it is known of the importance of growing and harvesting herbs…there’s an art to it.  The perfect timing to plant, as well as harvest, not to mention the care of assuring that the plant will thrive to provide more in the future.

The founders of this organization have been setting the priority of impact and quality over profit from day one.  Through their Co-Impact sourcing they partner with farmers that have cared for the land and carry down their family traditions in caring for the plants that produce the essential oils while maintaining sustainability and potency.  That right relationship extends to the harvesters and distillers, insuring the right energy exchange (money) for their labor is being offered.  Being in right relationship with the growers, harvesters, and distillers leads to being in right relationship with the plants and Mother Earth. Learn more by doing a search for doTERRA Co-Impact sourcing on Youtube to see their efforts.

I learned last year at convention that the founders of this company had to refinance their homes in order to launch this business 11 years ago.  They did this so they didn’t have to give over to investors who asked for over 51%.   Since then they have been of service impacting communities around the world, supporting children, women and their families.  They transform lives through the building of schools, medical facilities, and providing basic needs to include water supply.

The other reason I chose to partner with them…

is that I want to make a difference in the lives of others too.  Through my own research and experiences I’ve found that these plant allies play a huge part in my message of the importance of balancing Mind, Body and Soul.  I found the supplements and the oils to be essential on my own healing journey.  So to the rest of us that partner with them by sharing the oils, they not only teach us how to take control of our own health but also how to become leaders in teaching others about these medicinals and in the process become debt-free.  Encouraging and empowering us to teach, be charitable and serve as beacons to others.  Through their own Healing Hands foundation, I know that every bottle of oil I purchase is supporting and helping a family somewhere.  Through their Healing Hands foundation, they have been striving to fight and prevent human trafficking.  Through the sale of their Hope Essential Oil blend, each bottle sold $20 goes to the doTERRA’s Healing Hand Foundation which supports O.U.R.  Learn more by watching this video below.


There is more…

when it comes to why THIS company and not the many others out there in the Essential Oil market, there’s also…

Their commitment to the science and the study of the oils

Their education from doctors and vet panels

Their triple testing procedures

Their transparency to those results and the ability to pull up any batch’s info

Their oils are beyond Organic. “Many of doTERRA’s essential oils are certified organic, others are ECOCERT, and some do not have any certification. The reason for this is because we source from so many developing countries. The certification requirements and availability differs from country to country. Some countries don’t even have a certification offering. When we say that our oils are better than organic, it is because we have the ability to see even the smallest component in each lot of oil. If there is anything contained in the essential oil that was not naturally produced by nature in the plant with nothing added, it is rejected. That’s what I love about our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade process. ~co-owner and Vice-Presdient, Emily Wright

Lastly, they have a goal to transform our healthcare system by opening a nationwide network of integrative medical clinics Prime Meridian Healthcare Clinics. They are teaming up with dedicated doctors (MDs and DOs), nutritionists, essential oil experts, and wellness coaches to provide the highest quality of care. Services will include complete primary care, urgent care, wellness coaching, nutrition counseling, essential oil therapies, and genome testing.

I can go on and on…hands down this is the company I feel is worthy of my business and partnership.  And the only oils I recommend to those who seek my support and assistance within living a vibrant life.

Want to give these oil a try? Connect with me and let me show you how.

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