My New Emotional Support Blend…

Mid October I received dōTERRA’s new product called Adaptive. A supplement which includes Essential Oil Synergy with Fatty Acids, Alkaloids and GABA. If you’ve researched natural solutions for mental health then you are familiar with GABA (think natural Valium).

The new supplement has oils like Lavender, known to influence Serotonin production, Wild Orange we all know how citrus oils uplift our moods! Fennel seed increasing alertness and supports sympathetic nervous system and Caraway seed decreases oxidative stress while improving spatial memory.

I’ve been doing my research

and reading up on proven studies done on its ingredients and I was looking forward to giving it a try. Although I’ve not tried everything out there, I have tried my share and I know from personal experience how numbed out and/or high I’ve felt on the quick fix pills, it’s not a good feeling for me. I want to thrive and experience life. That’s the sweetness about this product, unlike synthetic meds, it doesn’t synthetically force a non-biological process to happen in our body, (which in most cases isn’t happening due to nutritional deficiencies), it actually supports the natural process to happen, by adding nutrients that support our bodies. That’s huge, this is huge!

I’ve been taking the supplements once daily and I’ve noticed, much like when I take the Copaiba and Serenity combo, I feel like someone hit a switch, I feel lighter. Only more so with Adaptiv, kinda buzzing feeling at first that I’ve now become accustomed to. I can see this up-leveling the benefits of the Serenity/Copaiba combo. I’ve been putting on Touch Adaptiv oil every 3-4 hours as it only last half the life of the supplements. I personally think it smells A-mazing, and why won’t it, it’s a combo of some of my top oils to support anxieties feelings!

Not only Wild Orange, citrus oils are happy oils and Lavender a wonderful calming oil but also Copaiba (you already know this is one of my top oils for inflammation, muscle discomfort, and anxious feelings). But did you know it’s a Neuroprotectant? What that means is that it’s helpful in supporting our brains, after experiencing damage which can be from all sorts of things, physical and emotional trauma as well as withdraws from synthetic meds. There’s also Neroli, which is also good for inflammation and alleviating tension and anxious feelings. Rosemary which is arousing and improves cognitive functions. Those of you know how numbed out one can feel on synthetics. I’m loving being more alert and present to my life.

In my personal experience,

I found that the capsules were making me drowsy later in the day. I wasn’t sure why until I did a little more research and found it’s a side effect if you have what is known as a Leaky Brain. I had never heard of it called that but I was aware of it through my studies last year around healing our gut and the gut and brain connection.

Those that follow me know that I’ve been under a lot of stress these past few months and it’s taken its toll in various ways. Oxidative stress as it’s known can cause havoc on our systems, so along with taking essential supplements and eating well, we also need to practice healthy lifestyle choices.

I got lost in hard work to help support our family budget and let my self-care fall to the wayside. But as I’ve been balancing life again I’m finding the drowsy side effect isn’t so challenging. I can only expect it to get better as I take better care of myself.

I’ve only been taking

the capsules and using the oil for 3 weeks thus far and I have to tell you, that I feel much clearer, able to focus more and have more energy for life, if that makes sense. I suppose that’s how I was able to let it get away from me this past month. Once again it’s a reminder that we need to find balance in life. I’m grateful for the extra zest for life as it’s allowing me to be more productive, and I’m grateful for yet another lesson in learning how to navigate life.

There are many success stories from those who started it during the convention, and now you’ve read my findings thus far. Do your own research know what you are taking and why educate yourself and take back your health. Here are some links to some of the research I’ve been reading regarding these plant allies.

Adaptive Supplement Resources:

Adaptive Oil Resources:

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